The spot above my bed is reserved for two very special things – duplicate dry-erase boards.  Yes, it sounds weird, but

Words make the world go round.....what words did you speak today?

 here’s the thing: I live by the words of others.  In particular, favorite movie quotes, inspirational sayings, and anything else I find relevant to improving my own life through the words of someone else (although, occasionally I will write something of my own up on the board). 

So, you guessed it, this page of my blog is devoted to a list of some of my favorite quotes and sayings that will continue to grow with every new phrase that speaks to me.  Feel free to comment or add your own, as I am always interested in what other people find. 

To me, the quotes and sayings we hold dear are reflections of our own personalities.  In addition, each new phrase we find to live by adds a little perspective to the ideas and inspirations of others – after all, that is what this blog is all about.  Please click on “Words to Live By” if you would like to read some of my top picks!  

Life is what you make it and words are how we express it.