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Under the Belt and Over The Limit

One week successfully completed, but boy was it tough.  Can’t say it was the worst week, but neither was it the  best.  I feel old and at the same time, totally new.  I can’t help but feel that I will never have fallen into a nice pattern here at GMC – there is always just that one thing to throw me off and send me spiraling out of control. 

However, the point is that I have made over one tough mole hill and am on my way to the second one.  I’m already feeling overwhelmed, but maybe that’s just me.  I guess we’ll find out 🙂


Stuff and Stuffed


Ah, Saturday – it gives all of us college knockouts hope.  We slept in and headed to the mall for some much needed girl shopping.  I was always a tom-boy, wearing boys clothes and refusing to bathe.  Somewhere along my twisted youth the media and my sister got a hold of me – can’t say I appreciate either one’s influence, but on the other hand, I do look much nicer now 🙂  We hit Maurice’s for some back to school clothes shopping.  Yeah, it’s a little late in the month for that, but I procrastinate.  Plus, I’m still not so good at stylin’.  I tend to throw random outfits together and hope they come out semi-decent.  For the most part, it works.  Anyways, we actually spent most of our afternoon just having a blast trying on as many outfits as we could think of.  I think we made the people working there very happy, especially if they make commission. 


The much needed, yet dreaded, trip to the grocery store.  It’s one of the fastest places we spend our money and loose our desire to live, all in one go!  This time around, something got me thinking (and I blame it entirely on my Introduction to Sociology course that I am taking this fall).  Let me paint a picture:  I’m standing in this gigantic, refrigerated store aisle, mind blank as I stare at over one hundred deodorant choices with really crappy elevator music playing in the background.  Normally, this wouldn’t have made me hesitate because at the same time, I still need to find that stupid brand of deodorant I have written on my list.  But somehow, it all seemed a little too much.  It was a sad few minutes of contemplation before I had to move on to the bread aisle.  I’m sure I could come up with some philosophical reasoning behind all that, but I’m too tired to care.

Later that afternoon we went over to a friend’s house to celebrate….well, I guess it would be Labor day, but we’ll use

Gary's Party

any excuse to party.  It was a ton of fun, AMAZING food, and great people.  I ate the best

Shuckin' with the Miller's!

 seafood chowder I have ever had (and that’s saying something coming from me), stuffed myself on fried clam cakes, and topped it all off with giant marshmallow S’More’s.  I think we were there for about eight hours or so and it was great every minute.  

The best part of the evening was sitting down by the lake around a campfire, listening to the chatter, as I looked up for just a second and saw the largest shooting star.  It went right over us and no one else saw it in time.  I couldn’t help but relish the moment of a singular special glimpse at the simpler things of happiness.  I guess I’m ready to start the week now. 

My sister with Bonzai, our friend's dog

Ah yes, so the stinky stuff hit the fan on my second day – who’d a thunk?  Well, I guess it wasn’t really that bad, it just could have gone better.  First of all, we’re having a heat wave here in Poultney (90 degrees daily), which makes things a bit more difficult.  My class for the day was…..well, less than positive.  See, I’m one of those people (I mentioned I was a pessimist, right?) who always expects the worst, that way when I’m wrong, which is often enough, things work out better than I was expecting.  Unfortunately, when things work out worse then I expected, it’s usually pretty bad because I was already dreaming up all the nightmare situations that could possibly occur.  Got it?

Anyways, Tuesday was more of those “all the little things add up to form one nasty monster of a day” kind of days.  I couldn’t find my classroom, even though I’ve seen more of this campus then most students ever wish to imagine in the last four years.  Then, I found out that most of the people in this particular class are pretty low on my list of “tolerable’s,” followed by an hour of me contemplating ways in which I could kill someone and make it look like an accident and how Deja Vu doesn’t even come into the fact that this class is exactly like four other ones I have already taken and never wished to take.  Yeah, so that was fun.

Next, I headed to my car, only to find that I had a parking ticket on my window for not having a parking permit.  My parking permit has not moved from my bumper in four years.  It’s not a big deal and once the situation is explained, I think the ticket won’t be a problem, but it just didn’t help my mood (which was already on its way to the bottom). 

In the hour and a half it took me to go from “yay school, we can do this!” mood to the “get me out of here” denial stage, I was pretty much spent.  However, I’ve still got three more days of up and down, so I guess not much will matter until I get to my final verdict – bring it on Friday!

 Nothing all together exciting happened this past weekend….except that it was my sister’s birthday and my last weekend of freedom!!!  Yeah, I guess that is pretty exciting 🙂  Unfortunately, my sister had to work on her birthday, but we made her gift giving into a treasure hunt the next day and had swedish pancakes for breakfast.  Swedish pancakes are really simple and like crepes, with lots of butter, maple syrup (homemade of course), and jelly (also homemade).  We also took a nice drive to Whitehall again, bought some amazing lunch meats at the Green Mountain Exchange and road around some of the back roads for a while.  It was just nice to relax and hang out together. 

I take this time to express my complete and utter lack of control over the next three months.  There definitely won’t be as many blog posts and there will be times when I won’t write at all, but I’m going to try to keep this up.  This blog was initially only for keeping track of my summer, but I have grown to love writing it so much that I am hoping I can keep up with it even during my busy semesters.  Here’s hopin’.

This Monday was about survival!  *Whew* yes, I’ve made it through my first day of my senior year in college.  Yeah, I know, the first week is really the test, but I was just plain excited that I managed to avoid tripping, crashing on my bike, saying anything too stupid, or being late for any of my appointments.  For me, that’s a really good day.  It was nice to be back and see all the people I knew, some I haven’t seen in ages.  I really do feel like a senior this year – meaning I feel old, way too wise to the good and bad of GMC, and a little fearful of the big, scary, world waiting to eat me when I’ve finished my bachelor’s education.  Yep, that about sums it up.  Besides that, I feel as though I will never escape feeling like a freshman.  As new students arrive each semester, I find myself in classes where I don’t know anyone and there are still professors on this small campus that I don’t know yet, so there are still moments of complete fear of a new situation. 

Sometimes that bubble of comfort doesn’t extend as far as you might think.

Either way, I’m trying (I’m a pessimist, what can I say – trying is as good as it gets folks) to be more positive this semester.  It’s among my last and I know that the joys of college will never come again – of course, I still have to figure out what those are before I graduate….for some reason all I’ve found is the boredom of classes and more things to dislike about college.  But, as I said, I’m trying to enjoy myself a bit more, step back and enjoy the scenery sort-to-speak.  That oughta work, right?

Okay, so I wasn’t having a particularly good day to start with, but man, this racoon had one hella bad day in comparison.  Right, starting at the beginning…..

Woke up with a giant head ache, followed by an even more massive pain in my left hand and knee because yesterday after returning home from my last day of work at EQX I attempted to get some things done and ready for school – stupid idea of course.  Anywhoodles, I did some laundry, and other stuff on Thursday before trying (emphasis inserted here) adjust the handle bar height and seat on my crappy yard sale excuse of a bike that I want to use for getting to classes this fall.  Yes, I have a new bike, but therein lies the problem – I’m too paranoid that something will happen to it to use it at my school, so I thought I would try to improve upon my other awesome bike that only cost me $3 and a can of spray paint, plus some breaks pulled from a previously dismantled bicycle (yeah, I was one of those kids….except I could never figure out how to put it back together…hehe, yeah, that’s where things usually went wrong).  I even made a motorless go-kart with bicycle parts once…..never did figure out how to add steering, so it was only used for really straight hills – unfortunately, not many of those in Vermont. 

Annnndddd, off topic again.  Right, so I tried to adjust my handlebars, failed miserably (I think they are actually lower now….) and in the process tripped over the darn thing and used my left hand and knee to fall on….as you can probably tell, that didn’t go very well.  Nothing broken, but certainly bruised enough to cause lack of gripping capabilities in my left hand and a limp in my left leg for a while. 

In Our Backyard...

Right, so back to today.  I tried to do some more stuff around the house and pretty much

The Stream!

 failed, so I decided to take a little hike along the stream behind my house.  I think my timing is just……well, impeccable really.  I went at the hottest part of the afternoon, while all the mosquito’s had already come out, plus the brush was so high I couldn’t see anything in front of me anyways.  Still, I enjoyed while it lasted before high-tailing it out of there so I wouldn’t be eaten alive or die of heat stroke.  I managed to snap a few photos before that happened, but they aren’t anything too special.

The portrait of a walking stick....

Vermont's Ever-illusive (HA-HA-HA!) Boulder.


THEN, the high light of my day hit as I walked into the kitchen and looked through the window into the pen where our guinea hens are….well, supposed to be living.  They’ve pretty much taken to doing whatever they like and there isn’t much that will change their minds when they can fly really high and far….huh, catalog failed to mention that little charmer.  They still come back into the pen for food and water, so when I saw something move, I expected it to be one of the birds…..instead, I found myself staring at a very large raccoon.  

I then RAN to the front of the house where we have a 22. and a BB gun stored for chipmunks and cases similar to this.  Now, I’m by myself at home and someone is out front buying eggs with her 3 year old……yeah, moment of indecision there, but I wasn’t about to let a rabid raccoon take off with some of our dumb- I mean immensely adorable guinea hens. 

Long story short (not really anymore I guess, huh?) one shot to its butt as it ran away from me, which layed it up on it’s back and then two to the head finished the job.  It may sound nasty, but that thing was not in its right mind or ever in its life probably called cute.  Somewhere along the road it had gotten into a scuffle with a porcupine (and man, he must have pissed it off because his face was covered), as well as a skunk – blah. 

 I think it was probably a few stages into starvation from not being able to eat through the porcupine prickle pain, so I guess it could be looked at that I put it out of its misery.  Either way, my adrenaline was pumping and I’m sure I probably freaked out my neighbors as well.  Presently, he’s all bagged up in the barn awaiting a trip to the dump. 

I take this time to issue a statement of merit to this situation……don’t piss me off.  What’s the song?  “girls are made of gunpowder and lead”?  Close enough…. 🙂

My eventful evening was capped off by the battery in the lawn mower dying, following by me taking instructions over the phone on how to use a  battery charger.  Am I done now?  Because this is about all the excitement I can take for a Friday….

Alas, it has finally arrived – my last day working for EQX.  It really is a sad day, but still a good one!   I had wanted to get them all something special as a thank you gift for providing me with such an amazing internship experience, but I wasn’t sure what to get them.  Luckily, a light bulb came on during my Wednesday afternoon and I picked up four Green Mountain College mugs from the college bookstore, filled them with chocolate, and wrote a personal thank you note to each of them.  I brought them in this morning and left them on everyone’s desk – they all loved them and I think they really appreciated the gesture.  It brought on a lot of hugging, thank-you’s “call if you need anything” ‘s and just some generally happy feelings.  It was a really nice way to start off the morning.  Unfortunately, it was actually a pretty slow Thursday.  I alphabetized some CD’s, then headed downstairs to finish working on an excel spreadsheet that I hadn’t finished.  I also took one last spin around the EQX website to check for expired pages and events.  It was kind of an ironic moment, beginning and ending this internship with my face glued to a fifteen inch glowing display looking for anomalies on a webpage…..ah, communications excitement 🙂  You callin’ me a geek?  Yeah, me too…..

The privileges of a last day working for EQX are pretty awesome though – they let me raid the prize closet one last time and attempted to find an EQX jacket that would fit me, but they didn’t have small enough sizes, so I’ve been promised one when smaller sizes come in.  That’s definitely worth a trip. 

I got some last-minute pictures in the air studio and a few photos with the crew as a final goodbye memory.  We all

EQX Air, here I am!!

exchanged heartfelt goodbyes and so concluded my internship at EQX.  I’m going to miss it, but I plan on keeping in touch.  No more Tuesday and

"Now, which button wasn't I supposed to push!?"

 Thursday trips to Manchester, being challenged with a difficult phone system and picking out awesome music.  No more all day events spent sweating along with awesome bands and getting autographs….well, there’s a chance I can still get in on those in the future, so maybe all isn’t lost.  Anyways, I’ll be spending a lot of time this semester talking to people about it and writing papers on it, so it definitely won’t be far from my mind. 

And for all the amazing memories I have to take away from it, I don’t see myself forgetting it for a very, very long time. 

Thanks EQX, you are the proverbial bomb of the century.

I'm really going to miss seeing these faces every week..... 😦

Yep, too much rain equals stuffing ourselves…..well, either that or watching way too much tv…or perhaps both.  Actually, I have to defend myself a little by saying that I was trying to get things done on Sunday.  I still have this independent study proposal that I am working on….it’s a bit of a slow process and certainly the LAST thing I want to be doing during my last week of freedom before school starts again.  Alas, it must be done. 

On the upswing though, Sunday evening was much more eventful.  It all started about a week or so ago………..

You see, we don’t eat out a lot, but sometimes it’s nice to try out new restaurants with friends, just as something enjoyable to do together.  We’ve eaten a few different places, but we were ready to try something new.  SO, while driving through Whitehall, NY to buy a few things at the  Green Mountain Marketplace.  Whitehall’s claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of the U.S Navy…..besides that… has a nice canal and a few good picnicking spots.  It’s actually quite a nice town, I think it just keeps missing its chance to get a fresh start – that is, until perhaps now.  I think more people are starting to see its potential and more businesses are moving in.  Among them, local food venues are getting a crack at success.  The owners of the Green Mountain Marketplace, a great place to buy bulk items at great prices, are branching out to try their hand at indulging the locals with their food as well.  They have converted the old bank in Whitehall into City, Steak, and Seafood, a restaurant that is supplied with the food from their wholesale market at great prices!  It’s quite new (they still didn’t have their liquor license yet), but it’s also pretty cheap and the food is excellent.  It was a great way to spend a rainy weekend evening.  Next, we might try the Sea Harbor Tavern and Grille….yum, my mouth is watering already. 

Eating is by far the greatest pinnacle of being human.  For all the advancements and novelties that go along with having a bigger brain and a more defined and moral compass towards our outlook on living, there is nothing in my book that beats out what can be done and experienced through our sense of taste and the passion that food commands of us.  The aroma’s, the atmosphere, the presentation, and of course the taste.  Using all of our senses to experience a palate of flavors is how we should define what it means to really live. 

If only we lived through the experiences we have through our stomachs. 

I honestly believe that wars could be ended and peace restored to a world in turmoil with a single bite of each other’s culture.  What better way to understand someone who grew up with a different perspective then to indulge in the foods that make up that culture? 

All our lives we (especially women) struggle to be obedient to our ideals of a perfect body, somehow believing that to achieve this is to truly be happy.  Have you ever stopped to think that losing those extra five pounds you think you have cannot possibly be compared to that feeling of eating the best meal you have ever had?  Where would the world’s culture and the human perspective of passion and love be if all of us never indulged?  Better yet, where would humanity be if we all gave in to our indulgences?  All I know is that eating is a way of bringing together the finer things in life:  friends and family, cultures, conversation, senses, and a passion that humans have only begun to realize exists through what we put on our plates and into our mouths.   

As you can probably tell, writing about food is a great passion of mine, just as eating is.  My family, my culture, even my professors have all instilled the joys of eating into my life and I believe that the key to making it a good one is to  let my stomach lead the way.

Saturday was the best day I could have asked for as my last internship event with EQX! Being indoors and on a more relaxed setting, it wasn’t nearly as stressful as some of the other events and provided me with ample opportunity to really enjoy my time there. 

Our EQX table with Frank Palangi onstage!

Held at the Wilton Mall in Saratoga Springs (about an hour and a half away from where I

Me looking semi-productive at the EQX table!

 live), EQX Unplugged featured a band line up from 12 ‘til 6 pm that included (in order) Frank Palangi, The First Place, Suprkid, Vinnie Velez, Lunic, and Deluka!!! We had the stage and EQX tables set up in the food court.  I worked the EQX booth, handing out stickers and key chains, raffle tickets, and selling merchandise for the bands. 

Frank Palangi’s father bought us lunch because we had supported his son, which was really neat and a bunch of the local businesses brought us snacks for the bands and for us. Jason taught me everything he could about the sound equipment and I was able to help mike all the bands and their instruments up for the show. It felt good to be learning some important lessons on sound equipment while listening to great music! 

Me with Deluka!! Yay!

Jason also gave me a Deluka t-shirt he had brought with him so I looked like I worked there, plus all the bands gave me their CD’s and signed them! All of them were pretty new and incredibly nice, especially Deluka! 

Deluka is one of our more popular bands on the radio so it was a big deal that they were taking time out of their tour of the US to play for us (they are all from the UK!). They were all really nice and relaxed. Their manager was so excited I was wearing one of their t-shirts that he took a picture of me and put it on their FaceBook page

I got some great pictures with them and of them performing on stage. They

Deluka onstage!

 gave me one of their cds and they all signed it and talked to me about their home. It was so cool to just talk about normal things with such a big and awesome band! It was a great cap to my evening and to the end of my summer/internship at EQX!

 I helped Jason pack up all the equipment and said goodbye until Tuesday. I’m really going to miss EQX – hopefully I will still get a chance to help out on some of their events in the future so I don’t completely lose touch with these awesome people!

The UK’s Deluka

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to tell about this past Thursday at EQX – instead of working on a variety of smaller projects that all need to get done, I was commissioned to complete one larger project.  I was given a giant box filled with raffle stubs from a ticket give away we did for Lollapalooza a few weeks back.  All of the entry participants names, cities, and email addresses had to be imputed into an excel spreadsheet.  On top of that, most of the applicants’ handwriting was so bad that I was told to do the best I could and then when that failed, make it up.  After three hours sitting at the same desk entering data, I had over 260 entries and still had about another one hundred to go.  Oh well, it gives me plenty to do on Tuesday. 

This Saturday I am heading to the Wilton Mall in Saratoga for the EQX Unplugged show featuring Frank Palangi, The First Place, Suprkid, Vinnie Velez, Lunic, and Deluka.  It’s an all day event from 12-6 p.m.  I’m pretty excited because I really want to meet and hear Deluka, plus it will be an event that is in doors and air-conditioned – finally!.  It will be my last hoo-ra while working with EQX, so I plan on making the best of it! 

So, after a long day at work, I had the perfect finish to the day!  My sister, an old co-worker, my work-study boss at the college, and myself all went out to the movies – a regular girls night out to relax after a long week!  We bought tickets to see Eat, Pray, Love and here’s my verdict:

GO SEE THIS MOVIE.  It. Was. Amazing!!!  Best film I have seen since Slumdog Millionaire.  After watching Julia Roberts stunning performance of portraying the lead character in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, I can’t wait to read the novel and I am overcome with the desire to travel abroad again.  I kept poking my sister through all the Italy scenes, saying “we were there!!” and now I can’t wait to go back.  India…..I could wait on that.  Let’s just say there are A LOT of places on my list to see and India’s quite a ways from the top. 

In a way, this film was almost painfully good because all I can think of doing now is packing a duffel bag, my camera, and some petty cash and getting on the first flight I can get, ready to trapes across the globe in the intention of filling my stomach, my mind, and my heart.  This film also got me thinking about some human reactions to the need to find ourselves….maybe I’ll share them sometime, maybe not 🙂  For now, I’m going to dream of European getaways and an Italian pizza that’s been calling my name……        

I spent most of Wednesday catching up on demanding housework.  As usual, the fun begins after the sun goes down 🙂  I spent an awesome evening in Rutland (I know, scary) with one of my best friends whom I don’t get to see that often anymore.  It was fun to catch up and we finally got to do what we had been talking about all summer – bowling!!  I hadn’t gone bowling since my thirteenth birthday, so saying I was rusty was an understatement.  Plus, we had each bowled only one frame before it broke – what’s surprising is that neither one of us was surprised.

Even so, it was a blast and a great way to spend our evening.  Afterwords, we hit up the local McDonald’s for a late night snack and I got to see pictures of my friends awesome summer.  I also discovered a new was to spend the last days of my summer:!  I’m sure I’m like the last person in the world to realize this exists, but I am putting it here nonetheless.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, check it out, it’s incredibly hilarious!!

 I could not have asked for a better way to spend one of my last free Wednesday nights!