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You know that feeling of having Santa pulling his cap over your eyes until, surprise, it’s Christmas, as you go screaming towards a snow bank to hide in? Ah, gotta love the holidays……

Yes, it’s almost Christmas in Vermont (we all feel special around the holiday….after all, White Christmas is set in wonderful Vermont….”all that snow, must be lovely this time of year!”). But seriously, school just ended for me and I went from being completely overwhelmed with homework and work to neck-deep in oversocializing and “hahaha, WOW where the h*** did Christmas shopping time go!??!!” Believe me, I’ll definitely take the latter over the former, but I’m still waiting for that nice relaxation time I keep hearing about.
Every year it’s the same – I finally get done with homework, only to realize Christmas is just a stone’s throw away and right around the corner is New Year’s and then I am back to school. I scramble like an idiot trying to finish (ha! finish, more like start!) my Christmas shopping so that I won’t look like an idiot later…..or so I think 🙂 We managed to string some lights up on the porch and hang a nice winter wreath on the door, but no Christmas tree this year. I know, I know *sigh*…’s weird. It’s the first year of my life that we have never had a Christmas tree somewhere in our house for the holiday… feels a little like one more foot in the door for change.

So many things have changed over the last three years, but we always feel it the most around Christmas and every little thing we neglect to follow through on in the tradition department is one more reminder that things are not the same, nor will they ever be. On the other hand, we are all dealing with these new changes relatively well….last year the lack of spruce fur needles clogging up our sinuses for an entire month would have given us all heart attacks. This year, we can handle it. I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but it’s the way we’re going out.

This month has led to a lot of wonderful memories and moments and I am cherishing every minute of non-school related fun!  Recently, I went to see Tangled, which I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can buy it.  It was hilarious!  If you haven’t seen it yet, I definitely recommend it.  Henceforth, my song of the month is as follows and was the credit music for Tangled, performed by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, a Vermont based band!  Also, you can find a better video to hear the song, but this is the coolest promotional music video ever….I want a job at this studio so bad now!

The new Narnia movie also came out this month and was about as depressing as the latest Harry Potter.  I mean, I knew it wasn’t exactly a happy series, as each of the children keep leaving Narnia, but I guess I was expecting it to be a little less……morbid.  Either way, I’m still glad I saw it and I am still looking forward to the next one, with whoever they manage to get to replace Lucy and Edmund….*sigh*. 

This past Saturday was spent wallowing in book shelves, drooling over my favorite pastime.  Thanks to a wonderful Christmas gift, hours were well spent picking out books in the Northshire bookstore before getting Chinese take out and watching Serenity!  Definitely an awesome day!

Sunday was a tradition of the holidays.  My sister’s best friend came over for our once-a-year get together to make and decorate Christmas cookies, drink hot cocoa, and catch up on all of our girl talk.  We try to keep this little shindig alive every year and so far it’s one of the few ones we have actually been able to keep!

 Monday I was back at Northshire to have lunch with one of my favorite professors, as a sort of “chill out and relax” lunch.  We had homemade soup at her house, than I did some much-needed Christmas stocking stuffer shopping at the bookstore.  I got some cool stuff and am now set I think for the big day. 

Tuesday…..ah, Tuesday.  6:30 am wake up call, finished packing the car, and headed down to Maryland for a quick two-day visit for the holidays.  The car ride was long, but it was nice to see everyone again, especially since I might not see family for almost a year.  It was a tough trip though, as it was short and the 16 hours in a car were  painful 🙂 

Now, it’s Christmas eve.  My sister found a century plant in our attic that we brought back from a trip to New Mexico.  All that’s left of it is the dried out four-foot stock with some seed pods left on it.  She strung the only strand of lights we had left on it, which just happened to be pink.  Yeah, it’s a bit pathetic, but it’s what we could scrounge up and it’s something to put the presents under tomorrow morning. 

I applied to another lodge for a summer position in Alaska.  I’m still on the fence about the whole thing – I’m scared to step out of my comfort zone on one hand, but I’m also really hoping that I get the chance to go, as I know it would be the experience of a lifetime!  For now, I will just keep applying and preparing, hoping that I will get a job so I have the opportunity to choose. 

My father has to work both Christmas eve and Christmas day, which was unexpected and he does not get overtime.  It has certainly made us a little short-tempered this season, but we are all dealing with it and we’ll still make time for each other before he heads off to work. 

I am just looking forward to a little more downtime…..I’m planning on reading. A LOT.  First off, I am making myself read some of the classics that I was never forced to read during highschool.  I know there is a reason why people have to be forced to read the “classics,” but I figure that they are there for a reason, and I should probably suffer along with everyone else.  Other than that, I am going to soak in all the “doing nothing” bits of life that I can before my last hell-bent semester of college. 

Merry Christmas, happy holiday’s, and happy New Year if I don’t get back here before than.  Remember, live for the life you have, and it will be the life that you want.  Christmas and New Year’s is the perfect time to start believin’ the mantra…….I guess I should practice what I preach, huh? 

From my home and heart to yours,

Much love this holiday season.


Everyday for the last 26 days I have taken my little erase board above my bed and found something positive to write via each letter of the alphabet. Sounds a bit childish, huh? But really, maybe that’s what each of us needs sometime – a little reminder that the things we label as childish or below our age group is often just the refresh we need in life.
I thought it would be something nice to do, both for myself and for others to read, as the year comes to a close.  That’s really the whole point isn’t it…..looking back and realizing all we have managed to accomplish in order to put the new year into perspective with perhaps a few improvements.  I enjoyed doing this more than I thought I would and I am contemplating how to continue this in some other neat ways, so I don’t have to start with the alphabet all over again…any ideas?  Either way, I will be creating a new page under this blog soon to put these up permanently, as a reminder mostly to myself of what this year has meant to me – feel free to stop by and think up your own anytime!

My Every Day ABC’s of Wisdom:

Act like the world is your book and the pages will write themselves.

Believe in the impossible and the unlikely will become plausible.

Care as though God let you in on a joke about life’s persistent questions and see how the world measures up.

“Don’t let the bastards get you down.”    -Grandpa Swenson

Every measure of success is weighed down by our own expectations and buoyed by other people’s inspiration.

For once in your life, get messy and make mistakes like Ms. Frizzle told you to – that’s the best part of life.

Greatness is not measured in quantities of pride and confidence, but rather in one’s ability to stand up against what one fears the most.

Half of life is just showing up and only ten percent of that is what you say – so just be there and listen to the music.

Illness of the heart begins with the seed of doubt.

Life is like a Jelly donut: often unappealing, frequently messy, but always worth the sticky bits.

Kite’s are for flying – the ability to unleash one’s imagination across the sky is just an added bonus – you’d do well to remember this in life.

Letting another person into your heart is one fo the hardest and simultaneously rewarding challenges of the human soul.

Making every moment count is impossible, but if you can make just one moment count every day, it will still add up to a lifetime of happiness. 

Never take a good thing for granted.  Life is all about the choices we make – some of them good, some bad, but in the end, all of them inspire us to do better.

Overlooking our failures and self-critiques is almost as difficult as letting our individual ambitions and accomplishments shine.

Peace of mind is not attained through acts of self-preservation, but in moments when the preservation of the self comes second.

Keeping Quiet only becomes a solution to a problem when you’re dead.

The three R’s of stress:


2.Reevaluate your situation

3.Ring someone’s freakin’ neck.

Setting yourself up to fail is easy – it’s learning to fight the urge to do so that is part of what makes us human.

Too much of anything means not enough of something else.

Using your head is one thing – making it count for something other than yourself means using the other parts God gave you.

Values depend on the person.  Morals depend on the day.

When you hit rock bottom, the only thing left to do… to start digging.  Then, after a while, you will realize that the energy you put into digging your own grave of wallow and self-pity is actually harder than tredding water in order to keep your head above your own pool of depression for a little while longer.  Neither analogy is pretty, but one has fewer regrets. 

EXcellence is a by-product of human self-improvement.

Yelling and complaining will only get you so far before you run out of room for the things that are actually important.

Even Zippers get stuck.

Thanksgiving – a time for being thankful that you don’t have to see your relatives that often (just kidding!).  The timing couldn’t have been better, as I had just gotten through my “project from hell” stress master event and, although I had plenty of homework to do, it provided a nice break.  The eight hour drive down was broken up nicely by a visit to my nana’s house in Little Ferry, New Jersey.  I love seeing her whenever we can and just spending time with her and Sarah, her mini poodle.  Nana always makes me sloppy joe’s – they are the best and no one makes them better.  The rest of the drive to Maryland is long and uneventful, so unfortunately the homework comes out.  Even so, it’s the beginning of time away from school so I’m happy.  That night we crash with our things, ready to just relax from the long drive and defuse a little.  The next day is Thanksgiving and we start cooking early, as we plan on having our feast at noon.  My dad and uncle pick up my grandmother from her assisted living home down the road while my sister, two aunts, and I prepare the food.  There is so much of it and all of it looks amazing, we can’t wait to eat it!  Finally, everything is ready and for once there is barely enough room for all of the family to fit around the dining room table.  We all say grace and dig in for a meal we know we will love and simultaneously regret because we will all inevitably eat too much.  The rest of the afternoon is spent being lazy because we don’t have enough energy to do anything else.  Glogg is made, trivial pursuit is pulled out of the closet, and there is plenty of talk as we all haven’t been able to gather like this in ages.  It’s overwhelming to an extent, but also wonderful in it’s abundance.  I’m still working off a cold that I caught on Sunday, and it’s not making things easier as I just about blow my brains out through my nose every five minutes (sorry about all the tissue boxes I went through aunt Jo), but it doesn’t deter me from enjoying myself. 

Friday is spent, well, shopping – what else?  We aren’t the type to be waiting for the place to open at 5 am, but we try to make an early start of it, before our enthusiasm wears out.  We don’t spend a lot of time shopping, but it’s fun just trying to grab a few select Christmas gifts and feel as though you are getting into the spirit of things.  Next, we have an amazing lunch out, with hand made milkshakes, the good kind that no one serves anymore.  After that, we went to Byler’s and another outlet just to check out a few other gift ideas, but mostly to just enjoy the day out. 

Saturday was amazing!  We spent the entire day out at Longwood Gardens.  They were so beautiful and definitely worth the trip if you haven’t seen them before, especially during the Christmas season.  We went early

The ultimate tree houses


And a Partridge family in a Tree house

enough to see all of the gardens while it was still daylight.  The gardens were beautiful, as well as the tree houses (yes I said tree houses…they were epic!), and special exhibits.  Then we ate dinner while it got dark.  It was wonderful to eat and watch as one by one, all of the lights in the gardens turned on.  All I could think of was, how the hell did these people get those lights everywhere!?!  After dinner we all walked around and watched the light and water shows.  It was freezing but so much fun.  I got as many pictures as my memory card and fingers could stand, but it was just nice to be out doing something different with family I never get to see.   

Unfortunately, it was time to head home after that, back to school and Vermont.  It didn’t feel like much of a break, as we never really stopped to relax while we were there, but we had a great time!  I’m not looking forward to going back to school, but what else is new.  At least I only have a month left of school and than I will hopefully really have a break!  ‘Til than, it’s head down and plowing through!

Christmas at Longwood Gardens


So, to begin with, November 20th was a special (and not to mention frighteningly horrific) kind of day.  As part of an independent study for media leadership, I created a project that would benefit the community and myself.  Through the help of WEQX and a few select other organizations and people, I was able to get three local bands to come to Green Mountain College and play in order to help raise money for the World Food Programme and collect food donations for the Poultney Food Shelf.  Three and a half months hard labor went into this project, and it finally paid! 

I won’t go into too much detail because 1) too many blood, sweat, and tears were shed in the process to be recounted and 2) frankly, it’s over therefore I am free to not give a damn.  What is most important to note however is that nothing disasterous happened on the night of and I had amazing people there to help.  We collected over two hundred dollars in money donations and about one hundred and fifty food items just in time for the holiday season.  It felt good and the bands I think had the best time.  The turn out was…..well, less than notable, but it was a tough weekend and I am just thankful that I had as many people show up as I did. 

The bands were amazing and definitly made the whole project worth it.  The Midnight Society, Loaded Mojo (filling in for Flakjacket, who had a last minute emergency….which is usually how they happen), and Slick Back Swagger were the evening’s band lineup.  All were awesome and really laid back, which was just what we were looking for.  The evening went along as planned, and I was just so happy nothing flopped 🙂  I have now written a five page paper on the event and am ready to move on, but I also hope that I get to do something like this in the future because it was a great experience for a good cause and all in all I really did have a good time when the actually night took off!  I don’t have too many pictures and the videos are just not going public because frankly their are things one just shouldn’t see… me dancing.  So, for those that made it, thank you so much for your support and those that didn’t will just have to check out these awesome bands for themselves! 

I ask for volunteers and I get Lazy bums....just kidding!They Had Kazoos!

They Had Kazoos!

Yes, ‘absent’ is my key word lately and frankly I’ve enjoyed it to a point. I haven’t written a blog post in months, but I had my reasons. Now, I’m trying to play catch up on many levels, including this one.  I hate to back track when it feels as though so much has happened since Thanksgiving, but for that very reason I can’t help but dig out the ol’ time machine.  So, without further a-do, please bear with my slight ramblings as I attempt to recollect my past excitements!

So, to start things off, last Saturday was WEQX’s 26th birthday!  To celebrate, the amazing people that run the show at EQX put together a shin dig at Northern Lights that included a bunch of awesome bands, giveaways, cake, and the sponsoring of a good cause (namely raising donations that went to New England area foodbanks).  The line up included

Deluka at Northern Lights

Lunic, The Velma’s, Ten Year Vamp, and the headliners being the totally awesome Deluka!  By the end of the evening, we were deaf, blind from strobe lights, and mute from trying to shout over the noise…..I mean music 🙂

I had never been to Northern Lights before, so I guess I was expecting…..well, something different I guess.  I was a little more than surprised when we realized our GPS wasn’t lying to us and that it was in fact located between a Dollar General and a 24 hour church in a strip mall beyond the boonies of Clifton Park.  It didn’t matter too much in the end though, because it was an

Jason and I at EQX's 26th Birthday party

 epic evening (and morning….we didn’t get home ’til 2 am) out with great friends and it was fantastic to see all the people who had made my summer so special! 

We sat, we laughed, we cringed, and I think for the most part just enjoyed doing something different, no matter how literally painful it was at points.  It’s neat to attend concerts of bands you love, especially if you are a huge fan, but they are also pretty tough on the mind and body, sometimes physically detrimental.  I think it was just as much fun finding our way there, locating a 24 hour McDonald’s at 12:30 on the way out, and talking all the way home.  Like with life, it’s often the journey that one experiences the most pleasure (not to mention the best company). 

The last few days otherwise have been pretty uneventful ( I haven’t managed to start hunting yet, although a friend sighted in my rifle and cleaned it for me so I am all set).  I have been constantly working to ensure that my Band For Hunger event this Saturday wasn’t a total flop (next blog post for the update on that one).  I think I had a poster in every major town surrounding my own, not to mention Poultney and GMC are covered in them.  I’m excited, but I’m also scared, which is normal for me and I guess a good thing.  I just hope that this will fulfill my independent study…..otherwise, it’s been a hell of a three months for not a whole lot on my end folks 🙂 

A good night out with good friends!Yay for people who can sing!

Yay for people who can sing!

Learning to Live, Not Survive.

Okay, big news – everyone ready?  Here goes…..I did not do a single piece of homework this weekend.  BOOYA!!! (If anyone’s wondering, yes that is a Kim Possible quote and I don’t care because that show rocks).  Yes, so anyways, I am a straight A, never slouch off once, homework fool.  I don’t mean to say that I love it, just that my parents did way too good a job in raising me to be a good person…..just saying.  Here is my extended weekend in a nutshell: 


Okay, Friday I did a lot of homework because I was trying to get it all squared away.  BUT, Friday night was reserved for movie night with friends!  We ate a new ringer of a mexican dish my sister made (we all agreed it was a keeper) and someone brought all the fixings for ice cream sundays for dessert!  We watched What’s Up Doc? first.  If you haven’t seen this film, please, do the world a favor and I am pretty sure it will be at the top of your favorite DVD’s stack – it’s definitely one of mine!  I say it’s probably one of Barbra Streisand‘s best films.  Next, we watched Hoodwinked, also one of my all time fav’s.  If you haven’t noticed, there is a pattern here 🙂  Especially with animated films.  I enjoy just about nothing more than watching Finding Nemo, Flushed Away, Robots, Monsters VS Aliens, all of the Ice Age films, Tarzan is one of my all time favorite comfort movies, and so many more.  There have only been a few that either creeped me out or just were actually aimed at five year olds instead of being chock full of adult humor (it’s the parents taking the kids to the movies and having to sit through it right?  Someone was thinking really well when they decided they should throw in some things to entertain the adults as well). 

Last, but certainly not least, we watched The Italian Job.  It’s one of my dad’s favorite movies and my sister and I see nothing wrong with watching Jason Statham expertly manuever a mini cooper 🙂  


Finally, had a day where I could sleep a little later, especially after my field trip on Wednesday.  Oh yeah, speaking of which, I had a field trip for my Graphic Communications class to the Queen City Printers Inc. in Burlington.  It was really cool but……two and a half hours in a van at 7 am, half an hour tour of the press factory, and another two and a half hours back……you do the math.  Either way, it was still a nice trip.  However, I haven’t had a good nights sleep since.  SO, then I went outside  and helped my dad chop and stack about a cord and a half of wood.  It was something we definitely needed to do, but boy it hurts!  As soon as we finished, I did something spur of the moment – which is rare for me.  I went down to Cone’s Point general store and bought myself a hunting license for deer season.  Open season starts this coming weekend, so we’ll see.  I haven’t been hunting since I was fifteen, so I know I am a bit rusty.  Usually, school really interferes with any chance at taking time off to get up at the crack of dawn and sit out in the woods to freeze your butt off, but I decided that I would rather be ready to go if I actually got an opportunity.  Hopefully I will be sighting in my hunting rifle with a friend’s help this Friday at his shooting range!  Fingers crossed….

Next, my dad headed off to work and my sister and I BAKED A PUMPKIN!!!  We stuffed it (and I mean stuffed it) with rice, beef, homegrown carrots and squash, and corn and shoved it in the oven for about three hours.  It. was. amazing!  I think it’s a keeper.  We also watched Jaws….because we felt like it.  Okay, it was certainly more annoying than I remember (the typical horror movie commentary: “don’t open the door!  Why don’t you have a gun? and why the hell didn’t you bring a bigger boat!?!?”), BUT it also has a lot of great quotes that I forgot about.  The boat one is pretty well known, but I think my favorite part is when the mother sees a picture of a shark eating a boat  and starts screaming at her son to get off the boat and back in doors…priceless 🙂 

I also had to bring an air tank into the college to help a student with a flat tire for my dad……he was lucky I wasn’t in my PJ’s yet. 

Sunday:  Another latish morning…..except we forgot about changing the clocks, so I actually managed to be bright eyed and bushy-tailed by 9 am.  Not bad.  Next, off to go food shopping.  After that, we came home, got changed, and headed out to dinner with friends at the Lakehouse Pub and Grille in Bomoseen.  We were all a little exhausted, but it was still fun!  I had some New England Clam Chowder that was pretty good and the roast duck special…..not as good, especially if I had paid full price for it (Sunday’s entrees are half-price).  Otherwise, it was just nice to be out with friends.


Yeah……I’ve decided something – Monday’s are ironic.  No really, I can do nothing but laugh at the irony that every Monday since the beginning of this semester something has happened to make my day….well, just a little less pleasant.  Today, for instance, I awoke at 6:30 instead of 7:30 to the sound of….well, to be honest it sounded like a really big mouse (or rat) walking around on bubble wrap.  I tried to wake up a bit more as I grabbed my flashlight and headed into the construction zone that’s known as the upstairs bathroom (directly at the foot of my bed).  Low and behold, I see something large moving around on top of the temporary insolation that’s stapled to the ceiling.  I hear a “mmeeeoowww!!” right before the cat comes crashing down, insolation with it.  After throwing the cat back outside, I grabbed a milk carton and a staple gun, stapled the insolation back to the roof, took a freezing cold shower (yeah, my timing was so unfortunate that neither my sister or I had a warm shower because we took one at the same time in different bathrooms), and then really started my day.  Now, if you live anywhere near Vermont while reading this, you’ll understand that the day didn’t really improve.  Evidence, you ask?  Verified:

Vermont means.....never having a snow day because....well, it snows too much for that.

Okay, so that was taken at 3 pm and isn’t the best example of today, as it has continued to snow right up til…well, I think it’s still going.  We lost power at home for a few hours, my car had about an inch of ice on it all day, and I had to trudge across campus about four times while my face was pelted with ice bullets (I lost my winter hat on Friday, has anyone seen it on campus or picked it up?  It’s gray plaid and soft with a small stiff brim – I’d really appreciate getting it back if anyone has it!!!). 

On a much brighter note, I register for classes tomorrow morning….oh, no wait – that wasn’t the brighter note.  Oh well, the real bright spot is that my morning class is cancelled and I am taking off from workstudy, so I get to stay home on my Tuesday!!!  YAY!!!  Well, I’ve got to have something 🙂  Here, watch this short video clip from Hoodwinked to make your day – be warned though, it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the evening and it contains SPOILERS (so if you plan on seeing this movie later because of my awesome recommendation, don’t watch it)!

Food, Delights, and Frights, Oh My!

First let me say that New Hampshire is horrible to drive in…..I know, that had nothing to do with Halloween, but it needed to be said.  I spent Thursday and Friday driving through it to find a conference and boy was it stressful.  I think this should be there next “Welcome to New Hampshire!” slogan:  “Where blinkers are useless, driving etiquette is non-existent, and roundabout’s are on every stretch of road!”

I think the highlight of my trip though was eating in Portsmouth.  There were sooooo many places to eat and we were so hungry that we pretty much picked the first one we saw – which just happened to be The Coat of Arms British Pub.  It. was. amazing!  I have been to England/European country-side a few times and there is nothing better than REAL English food (well….except for maybe Welsh, which is to die for)!  The food was so good – I had hand-made shepherds pie and my sister had bangers and mash (in other words, stuffed sausage and mashed potatoes).  Definitely worth all the traffic based aggravation. 

I woke up Saturday to get as much homework as I could done in order to enjoy a bit of my Halloween weekend. 

My failed attempt to plan ahead.....

Unfortunately, I spent so much time concentrating on homework that I didn’t try on my Star Trek costume before Rutland’s Halloween Parade that evening.  Needless to say, it didn’t fit (picture a milk carton costume, except it was red).  So, in a fit of panic and desperation, I dressed in all black, through on a neat dress mask that I had picked up earlier on in the week, and called myself Mardi Graus.  Eh, it worked.

It had snowed for most of the day before hand (thankfully none of it stuck), so it was downright cold.  The parade was…..well, better than last year.  It was raining ice, not EVERY float was a tribute to either the Pirates of the Caribbean or Indiana Jones (although there was one Indiana Jones highschool band theme), and it was fun to hang with great people.  I got to see my two best friends at the same time, both I hadn’t seen for a long time.  It felt good to just goof off and be a little out of the norm (one of the reasons I love Halloween so much).  I didn’t get much candy, but they never give any out to us old people.  Apparently, you have to be five or under to truly enjoy all the benefits of Halloween….go figure.  Some of the candy-carriers are quite evil too – especially the women.  We get such bad looks if we ask for a piece of candy.  Oh well, I guess that is one part of this holiday that is limited to the extreme youth. 

 Sunday began at around 10 am, as we fired up the new oven (yay!) and started baking our hearts out for our friends Halloween party!  We made sooooooo much food!  Here is a list of some of the food we made, as well as some of my best friend’s creations:

Chocolate Toffee Cheesecake

Apple Cheesecake Strudel Bars

Apple Pie

Brownies with bone shaped sprinkles

Witch fingers, made of sugar cookie dough with iced and sprinkled nails and bloody stumps (the scariest and most awesome Halloween creation ever!)

Pretzel Wands, as well as ones with chocolate rats and skeleton fingers

We also stopped at a Christmas Tree Shop while we were in New Hampshire and picked up some amazingly priced Halloween party decorations!  All in all, I think we had more fun baking and decorating for this party than anything!  Although…….this year’s trio costume job was probably the best idea we have had in years!!!  My sister went as

Halloween 2010

the Queen of Hearts, my best friend was an Evil Alice, and I was the Mad Hatter.  It was a blast!  I actually am not that big a fan of Alice in Wonderland, but our costumes were out of this world!  I bought a huge version of the original motion picture hat online, as well as a tie with playing cards on it, playing cards for earrings, stockings with decks of cards on them, and a funky striped skirt.  My costume was more a mish-mash of different items, but it’s the first time it actually really worked and looked good! 

I assumed no one else at our friend’s party would show up in costume, but I was pleasantly surprised yet again.  Everyone had great costumes, with a few ringers!  Not naming names, but there was a husband and wife that swapped costumes and went against the typical grain with the Hooker and Pimp outfits (can you guess?! I gave it Best Costume for the evening! even their dog was dressed up).  Also, there was another husband and wife who dressed in the matching plug and wall-socket costume……I’m not usually a fan of that sort of thing, but they were perfect in it!!  There was a raggedy anne, a Templar knight, the Hamburgler, a mister Monopoly, a lady bug, a zombie, and a wizard.  AND, there was more food than any village could finish off.  The party lasted well into the night (which was unfortunate really, as I had three classes, work-study, and meetings all day on Monday).  Final thought: It was a Halloween I will never forget and I hope we can do it again next year! 

Hope everyone had just as much fun and a safe Halloween! 


The Alice in Wonderland Tribute!

"Off with their heads!" No!!!!

Annnndddd I lost my good lead with this blog.  Well, to be frank, I expected it.  Things have been crazy here, trying to accomplish everything one possible senior can manage from week to week.  This past weekend was especially busy, as my aunt, uncle, and cousin came up from Maryland to visit!  I wanted to be able to hang out with them and not be spending the entire weekend doing homework, hence the silent, but mad rush. 

It worked out nicely and I was able to enjoy a wonderful three days with family!  We ate entirely too much food, hung out, and chopped almost two cords of wood together on Sunday.  Saturday we spent with friends and family and went to Weston to visit the country store, which my family hadn’t been to and I hadn’t seen in years.  We walked around for a few hours, enjoying all the fun novelties and Vermont foods before heading to Manchester’s Northshire Book Store.  We went their ultimately for the food, with the books being a bonus 😉  They have the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever eaten!   Whatever cheese and bread you want with Applewood Smoked bacon……my mouth is watering all over again!  I didn’t buy any books, but of course I found hundreds of ones I would have liked to (I just can’t bring myself to buy books at full price when I fill a bag of them for a dollar over the summer…plus, it’s not like I don’t have enough). 

Monday……was Monday.  One of these days I swear, I’m going to have a good Monday.   I am taking off after my Thursday evening class this week to head to Montpelier.  My sister is giving a presentation at a conference and I want to be there for her.  It will be nice, as we are sticking around all day Friday to check out the town and relax a little. 

I am so excited that it’s almost Halloween weekend!!!!  We are hitting the Rutland parade on Saturday night and a friend is having a party on Sunday night.  I have my costumes all figured out and pieced together….I am soooooo excited for my second costume, but I’m not telling what it is yet…..more after the Halloween weekend,  I swear!  There will be lots of pictures, I promise!! 

Wishing everyone a safe, spooky, and seriously candy-filled, hauntingly awesome Halloween!!!!!!!!      

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Breaking The Fall

It’s fall break here at GMC and everyone needed it.  For four glorious days, I can breathe.  Homework will be on the mind of course, but for just a little while it will take a back-burner.  Instead, more important and lasting things will take center stage for a while – friends, family, food, fun, and a few frights. 



A day out in the woods...


We took some time and went for a hike on the Adirondack trail to see Thundering Falls in

Look! I found a hippy!

 Killington with friends.   It was a little chilly, but it was so nice to get out and do something different.  I took lots of pictures and we had a blast trying not to get lost! 

We did a short stint of shopping and food before heading home for witch pictures!  The rad costumes, ideas, and gut-busting laughs of a hobby between friends is all we ever need to make a weekend special. 

Sunday:  We helped a friend pull his boat in from the water and took one last trip around the lake until next year.  It was kind of sad, but it also means that ice skating and walks on the lake will be just around the corner.  After that, we headed to Rut-Vegas to do a little car shopping.  We’re in the market for some new wheels, as all of ours are slowly, but surely careening towards the edge of their chop-shop grave.  A little bit of homework was in order after that, but how could I accomplish anything when it’s still my weekend?

Monday:  Witch costumes again!  Well, actually, we spent all day doing what we girls do best – spending money!  We checked out Wal-Mart’s Halloween costume section and my sister wound up buying another fun colored wig and a mask.  Next, we finally made it to the Party Store where the Spirit of Halloween Costume store was supposed to be.  We were so disappointed that it wasn’t in the mall anymore.  It was even more disappointing in the Party Store…..there were about three isles total and all of the costumes had to be selected from a picture board.  With our dreams of amazing super-duper costumes dashed, we headed back to K-Mart in the mall. 

You know it’s saying a lot when the two isles of K-Mart is our best bet for costumes around here.  Even so, my sister and my best friend managed to find their costumes for this year’s party.  I think we will try to keep the tradition alive with the witch costumes at the parade, but we all wanted to have a second option.  My sister will be showing up as a spunky Eskimo, while my friend will be an evil Alice from Alice And Wonderland. 

Myself……well, I couldn’t find anything that really right, but I believe with one purchase and a little tweaking of some items I have at home, I might be able to pull something off 🙂  I’ll explain if it works.  For now, it’s more planning and back to school for now.  My midterm grades are out and one of them…..well, it wasn’t what I was expecting, so I guess my perfectionist self will be miffed for a few days, and than just have to deal. 

Sister by the lake


Three Goons at Thunder Falls