Well, yes I know, it’s been a while…yet again.  Now that I’m actually back to civilization, the internet takes a bit of a back burner…sorry!  Still, I don’t want to lose touch.  Just because my summer adventures in Alaska were a bust, I don’t want the rest of my summer to be one too.  I guess I feel like if I remember that I have this blog and that people are reading it, I have that much more of an incentive to get off my butt and do something with the rest of my summer. Does that make sense? Gee, if it did, explain it to me, will ya? 

So, let’s recap.  Sunday was nice, we had our first campfire of the summer at our friends house….and almost caught one half of the lakefront property on fire because we tried to burn their christmas tree.  Yeah, now that was exciting!  I think the flames reached at least twenty feet into the air, with all of us running for cover except for one person who had the hose trained on the trees so they wouldn’t catch on fire.  All in all, a very succesful summer opening. 

Monday was a big day….after visiting a few friends at work, I headed back to our friends house and we transplanted an entire hillside with hostas and ferns, then mulched, then weeded another section, then mulched again, then finally collapsed after watering it all.  It looks really nice though, so it was definitely worth it.  We all went out to the 99 for dinner, totally exhausted and hungry.  It was nice and we all needed it! 

 Tuesday…..honestly, I can’t remember.

Wednesday was awesome though 🙂  We went shooting!  I shot the civilian version of the m4, which is now at the top of my birthday/christmas wish list!  It was soooooo much fun, and definitely helped relieve some of the stress muscles!  Unfortunately, I did some summer job hunting after that online and I could have used some more target practice after that. 

Thursday we got up bright and early, less on the bright though, and headed down to main street Poultney for the farmer’s market that my sister, best friend, and favorite boss were setting up at.  The day was rather a bust for selling, mostly because of the crummy weather, but it was still nice to see everyone and just have a chance to hang out!  Afterwords, my friend and I took a trip into Manchester to see about the farmer’s market there, but couldn’t manage to track down anyone except for the owner of a skateboarding shop who was very helpful!  We came back, had breakfast for dinner, and watched a movie. 

Friday was busy.  I spent the day helping some friends with house repairs and renovations because the original plans of building a cement retaining wall were dashed by the rain.  Still, it was nice to be out and using my hands, working for people I actually really like 🙂  We all headed to the lakehouse for wing night afterwords, which was fun, except that our waitress was…..well, not exactly the most friendly or helpful person on the planet.  Still, it was fun to be out with friends! 

Today has been slow and a little aggrivating because I have been trying to still figure out my AT&T phone bill and my original plans for the fourth of July are looking pretty much dead.  I still have no idea what I am doing for the rest of the summer, my mind is starting to wander towards the future and I am a bit daunted, and I am missing someone terribly.  But really, who cares, what’s the worst that can happen? Sarcasm saves me from a life of dissapointment, everyone should try it.