Yup, so nothin’ new to report….the last two days have been really painful, slow, and boring.  The only two good things that have really happened are that I have bought a bike tire and inner tube, which is being shipped to me from Fairbanks (spent half an hour on the phone with the guy, again, super nice), so I should hopefully have wheels soon (depends on my skill at changing a tire for the first time) and secondly, I talked to the girl who works the morning shift on Friday’s and I think I will be able to switch shifts in order to be off earlier on the tenth.  Yeah…..so that’s good…….um…..oh, other news flash, I pretty much hate my job.  Yup…….how to people work five days a week for the entire lives stuck in a job they can’t stand?!??!  I mean, I know I only have this job for the summer, but I’m already wanting to quit.  It’s one thing if you at least semi-enjoy what you are doing and the money is good enough to make you feel like it’s worth it, but I don’t have any of those things going for me.  Anyways, I have to just keep at it, I know, but I’m even thinking that maybe a different shift might be better.  We’ll see I guess.  For now, I’m just counting the slow and grueling hours, then the days, not even the weeks because that’s just depressing, and hoping I will start making less mistakes soon and feel like I’m not such an epic fail at this job. 

I’ve caught up on Glee, Bones, and Doctor Who.  Glee: still annoying really, but entertaining I guess.  Bones, what the hell!?!?!?!  I hate that they drag out the Bones and Booth relationship for YEARS and then all of a sudden, everything happens and they make it seem likes a small deal that’s thrown in with other things. “whoops, he’s dead, hey new baby in the world, oh by the way, I’m pregnant”….aahhhh!!!  Doctor Who: …..eh.  It’s definitely interesting and the story line is becoming more epic again, but on the other hand….I MISS DAVID TENNANT!!!  I got used to Matt Smith, but now, he’s bugging me again.  *sigh* oh well.  Then, I still had time to kill, so I caught up on Sanctuary…………………………………….not much to say there, except IT STILL SUCKS.  Come on people, it has soooooooo much potential and YOU ARE RUINING IT!!!  Could be a great story line, great people, shitty graphics, but still…argh, it’s just so disappointing.  Anyways, now I’ve caught up on all the shows……dododooodeededed.  Yup, Alaska’s a total blast, can’t wait to come home everyone!