Lets start at the beginning…after all, as the Mad Hatter once siad, that is a very good place to start.  So, Monday (Memorial day).  THE craziest day of work yet…I think.  It was exhuasting and long, plus we had more computer glitches and also can add selling plants and tours to our repetuir of jobs that somehow manage to fall under “cashier.”  I’m finding that the one girl I work with on Monday’s and Tuesday’s is increasingly harder to deal with and I guess I’m not the only one.  After talking with a few other employees (both of which are incredibly hard workers with a great sense of humor…I wish I worked with them more, but they have the night shifts), we all agreed that this one other girl likes to be in charge, is possesive of her cash drawer (really, it’s scary), and will find faults in everything you do.  Makes the day just fly by after that!  Anyways, by four pm, it was HOT in the grocery store and the fire in the mountains had started up again, making everything smokey.  Even so, it was way more fun with the better company of the night shift, AND I made 20 extra bucks today because I refered someone to a local mechanic.  The local mechanic is Dennis, who is hilarious, really nice, and appreciates hard work.  So, whenever we help him by sending a customer his way, he personally pays that person a $20 commision for their efforts.  I didn’t even think I was really doing that much, but it was really awesome to have that money in my pocket today 🙂 

Also, because it’s me, I have to share my smart-ass moment of the day with y’all: this joker of a guy was hanging around in the store and he came up to the counter and asked “what’s the difference between regular water and ‘smart’ water?”  I stared him straight in the face and said, “Smart water has a higher IQ.”  I think the guy almost blew something laughing that hard.  I think he will now be calling me “smart ass” whenever he sees me.  Sarah, you should be pleased 🙂

No one else really got that when I explained it, but it made me happy that I actually had enough brain left during the day to make such a witty and dare I say, hilarious quip. 

Next, I went outside around 5 to fill three propane tanks (getting better at these, thank goodness), when my boss comes out and says, “give me the gloves and get movin’, you’ve got a plane to catch.”  I told him I still had half an hour and that the bathrooms wouldn’t take me that long.  “no, you literally have a plane to catch….Jim is fitting you on the next glacier landing flight, so get your butt moving.”…….AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, those bathrooms just about cleaned themselves and I was jumping for joy by the time my shuttle to the Healy Airport arrived.  Jim is a regular customer and incredibly nice.  Check out the pictures on FaceBook – I know there are alot, but really, I wasn’t going to put that camera down for a minute.  Jim is the first picture.  I met the other people on my plane ride, who were all really good humored and a great bunch!  Jim got me signed in, I weighed myself on their incredibly off (but in a good way) scale, and put on these booties for the glacier landing that are awesome!  I definitely need to buy a pair of these for Vermont.  I didn’t think I would be doing this today, so i didn’t bring any layers with me, so Jim let me borrow his vest (such amazingly nice people, it still freaks me out!!).  We all got acquainted and took pictures next to our plane while we waited for all the smoke to blow over.  It took about ten minutes extra because the fire was raging, but eventually it was okay to board.  I got to sit in the co-pilot’s seat because I was the lightest (see, it eventually pays off to be “skinny minny”).  Our pilot, Matt, was really cool too.  We all had headsets and he gave us tons of information about the park, rivers, mountains, etc, all until he realized that I was the only one who could here him because he was on the wrong channel.  Still, even when people could hear him, it was a pretty quite crowd.  I felt bad for the guy and I asked as many questions as I could, but it was also nice to just look out the window and take lots and lots of pictures!  It was gorgeous, invigorating, and definitely the trip of a life time!  We landed on Ruth Glacier, which is pretty much the base of Mount McKinley!  The landing was a bit rough, but soooooooo amazingly cool!  We got to walk around and take pictures for about 20 minutes.  We had a small snowball fight and I wound up getting on the ground in my t-shirt and awesome moon boots and doing a snow angel at the base of McKinley.  One of the girls got it all on video and should be sending it to me in an email, so as soon as I get it, I will post it!  

We eventually all piled back into the plane, only to have a false start and at the same time Stina realizes her door didn’t close properly and started swinging open mid take off……awesome.  Typical danger prone me 🙂  Anyways, the pilot helped close my door and then we were off, back to the airport.  Apperantly, we passed over a flock of Doll Sheep, but no one but the pilot saw them.  Maybe he made it up.  Anyways, pretty much the best Monday/Memorial Day EVER.

The adventure is starting to pick up some speed, but even if it doesn’t, I can now say:

I, Stina Miller, have made a snow angle on a glacier at the base of Mount McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska.  Pretty sweet, huh?  I thought so too.