Ah, well, Thursday has been….ech, I can’t even think of a good word to describe it.  I didn’t want to wake up this morning, but managed to drag my butt out of bed and head over to the main plywood building for breakfast.  Unfortunately, Cathy caught my ear this morning.  Not to say that she isn’t nice, but….*sigh*.  Cathy runs the complex and is as scary as hell – she’s from New Jersey, a heavy smoker, frightening to look at (wouldn’t pick a bar fight with this chic any day) and likes to make you see her side of things no matter what.  So far, I’ve stayed on her good side and I hope I can keep it that way, otherwise…*shudders* I don’t even want to think about it. 

I went to the post office next to see if I could find out when my packages might arrive, but because I am sending them to the store’s PO box, I can’t even ask about them because it’s not my mail box.  I guess i am going to set up a general delivery mail box tomorrow for the future.  Zalim, our summer resident Russian technical person, who creates our employee ID’s (which he still hasn’t given me mine), helps with computer glitches, also picks up the mail.  Speaking frankly, I’m worried about my mail.  Oh well, hopefully I will be able to figure it out. 

Next, made it to work, checked in, fouled a few things up on the cash machine, the propane set up for our machines failed, the credit card machines are still down, and went through four angry German’s who didn’t speak english.  That was about 11 am.  At twelve….something awful happened to a friend and employee of Miner’s market.  Her sister died in an atv accident.  I don’t know anymore details besides that, but it was bad.  I’ve never been present when someone lost a loved one so suddenly and it almost literally ripped my heart out seeing this sweet, happy girl getting the worst news of her life.  Needless to say, the next few hours were rather stressful, as we all tried to help and be of comfort, while still trying to deal with customers and other technical issues of the day.  I guess it puts my stress and panic attacks of the last few days into perspective though – I can’t send enough thoughts and prayers to this girl, and I hope you’ll do the same.

The rest of the day kind of dragged on, but on a happier note, Kayci and Allison have made it!!!!!  They actually came into the store while I was working to buy a few things….I wish I could have spent a bit more time welcoming them to Healy, but unfortunately it was at one of those lovely 20-minute-rushes.  Hopefully, once they get settled in and get their work squared away we can hang out and share the experiences of this past week together. 

On a rather more humorous note, I finally got a look at my alternative living quarters – the recently vacated trailer near Miner’s Market.

……..hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahNO.  I was on the phone with my father at the time, describing the outside, how it looked like it was rolled down a mountain and then hit with a rock slide and a tornado at the same time, but maybe the inside would bee ok-…….”dad, I’m living in the complex. Just so you know.”  Yeah, so it hadn’t been cleaned out yet, so maybe there would have been a slight improvement, but man, I don’t think it would have made a difference.  It smelled so bad of cigarettes and pot, as well as looking like it could be a five star hotel for cockroaches-r-us.  I had an instant flashback to my Grandma K’s house as a kid, tinted yellow and thick with cigarette smoke, tinged with something….unidentifiable.  I didn’t even go in.  I closed the badly smashed door (which didn’t even have a lock because it had been broken off), walked back to the market and right up to my boss and said “Steve, thanks anyways, but I’ll be living at the complex.”  I promptly bought a combo lock for my apartment door and headed home with my greasy popcorn chicken dinner in hand.  Don’t worry, I’ve uploaded the proof of my horror onto FaceBook so that you may share in the pain of my most frightening experience. 

Okay, so maybe having a roommate wasn’t ideal and I’m still a little iffy on the whole thing, but obviously it could be worse and it’s an experience that I never got in college and everyone should have at least once in their lives…right?

No update on whether I’m going on the ATV trip tomorrow, but I might just hang out and enjoy the day tomorrow before heading to work.  I’m still adjusting and I’m not quite ready to stray too far outside my comfort zone, especially alone.  We’ll see, even if i don’t do anything tomorrow, I might try to do some hiking or trips on my days off. 

For now, I’m just going to try to keep my chin up, armor on, and plow through my first week in a very strange and new place.  Keep me informed about the real world, not much penetrates this place besides what I catch on CNN while I clean the laundry room.  Until tomorrow, brave thoughts little piglet.