Well folks, day two over with.  This one possibly felt even longer, getting up was certainly more difficult.  My roommates alarm went off three times at around 6:30.  She, however, slept through it andI finally got up.  Had my tea and toast, walked to the post office to drop off some postcards, and wandered as slowly as possible to work.  The day was rough – I made way more mistakes today for some reason and each one just made it a little more difficult to get the next thing right.  Anyways, I did fill two propane tanks by myself, so I guess that was good.   I can’t say I’m really getting the hang of things, but then again, I keep forgetting it’s only been two days (jeez, it feels longer than that already!).

I came back to the complex, dropped off some stuff, grabbed my camera, and headed back out for a walk.  I want to see as much of Healy as there is, not just whats on the surface.  I’ve uploaded them to Facebook, but I don’t really have time for making captions…I’ll just have to explain them all later 🙂  I have a feature on my phone that allows me to track how many steps I am taking.  I put roughly 9,800 steps on my feet today, around 2 miles.  It’s going to kill me tomorrow, but I’m hoping it will help me get into better shape.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful until Sunday, so I’m going to enjoy as much of it as I can.  More tomorrow hopefully, for now, it’s just another day in Healy, Alaska.