I’m kind of liking the 24 hours of daylight….I’m starting to get used to sleeping through it, but yet I haven’t wanted to sleep later then 6 am because it’s just too nice out to keep sleeping.  I’m hoping I can keep that up all summer and become a morning person….maybe I’ll even get really ambitious and start jogging around the town in the mornings before I go to work! 

So, off at six, but couldn’t punch in to work until 9, so I ate breakfast at the projects, which was actually not bad, and then slowly made my way to the post office to drop off a letter.  I’m guessing that by the time it arrives at its destination, the person will have kielled over from the wait.  Oh well, it was fun to make the trip!  I saw my first bit of wildlife this morning.  A fox crossed the road about fifty feet from me, right in front of two kids on their bikes who were trying to make it on time to school.  Still, can’t say I’m very impressed so far.  It turns out I have already mapped out all of Healy with my feet and I’ve barely been here for two full days.  The realization that boredom may just kill me this summer is sinking in.  It’s also kind of depressing – the weather is amazing, but its like living in a desert.  Everything is as dry as a bone, everything I own is covered in dust, I am surrounded by scrubby, painful brush, and pointy pine trees.  There isn’t anything here…..alive really.  You would think that Alaska in bloom would be lush, the rivers full, the landscape teaming with activity.  Instead, all of the creek beds are dry and everything feels one step from catching on fire…..which is actually happening a lot around here.  The fire warnings are extremely high and there is a fire a few miles away near the mine that’s been raging for three days now.  I hate to say it, but frankly, I’m pretty sick of the landscape.  don’t get me wrong, the mountains are beautiful and I haven’t been into the park yet, but walking around Healy is not helping to improve my image of visiting Alaska.  Oh well, I’m still adjusting and once I settle in, things should hopefully get better.

Still not sure about the living situation yet….I’m hoping this trailer will be cleaned out in two days and I can at least get a look at and see if I actually want to switch.  Right now, both the complex and the trailor hold really good pros and really bad cons.  We’ll see.

That was pretty much my day in a nutshell.  I probably have more to add, but right now, it’s about 9 pm and I just want some down time before I hit the sack and start another long day tomorrow.  I haven’t taken anymore pictures because frankly, I haven’t seen anything else worth taking a picture of.  Hopefully that will change soon too.

I miss home and people I know, but I’m hoping that I’m beginning to get used to this foreign state of being.  Armor on, eyes open, palms clasped.  Nite folks.