Gonna keep this one kind of short hopefully folks….it’s been another long day, but better than yesterday…..I think.  I got up at 5 am Alaska time and went for a walk, trying to get the lay of the town.  It’s not easy….everythings pretty spread out and I don’t really have any reference about where the town ends, begins, where its center is, or anything.  I found the school, the community center, the post office, and a few other lodges before eventually walking to my workplace which is about ten minutes or so from the camp I am still currently staying at.  No word on whether I might be able to get a trailer at the RV site yet, but I came back to my room and found that my roommate (whom I still have not really met yet) had cleaned her side of the room and made room for me in the dresser.  I’m impressed, but still a little leary…..after all, maybe she just did it because she had to.  I’m not good at giving people the benefit of the doubt, but what can I say? 

I trained for about four hours at my job, which was nerve racking and long, but good I think.  I can’t say I am looking forward to an entire summer of being a busy sales clerk, but I think I can handle it.  After that, I wasn’t exactly wanting to head back to my claustrophobic living space, so I did what only I would do.  I found a nice rock on the atv trail leading back to my camp, hunckered down, and read for about three hours.  Three people on atvs stopped to ask if I needed any help (still scares the hell out of me how nice and accomodating people are here….you would think I would be excited about it, but its something I’m not sure I can get used to!).  One guy came back a second time and talked with me for a while and then asked told me he could show me a few spots that were more private for hanging out and reading.  I hitched a ride, got a tour of his new house that he’s building, and then he showed me a huge dry creek bed and explained where some good hiking trails were.  He also said he’d look out for a bike that I could use over the summer.  I know, you’re thinking, “jeez stina, you hitched a ride with a total stranger and went touring around the back woods.”  Frankly, I was thinking the same things, but again, everyone here just wants to help.  It’s still really weird. 

Now, I’m going to try and enjoy some down time, rest up and still get into sync with the new time change and all this darn daylight (loving it really) before starting my first full week of work.  It’s going to be one hell of a long day tomorrow, but hope it will prove to be helpful in getting me settled.  Mostly, I’m starting to feel a lot of boredom and loneliness from not having any friends here.  I can’t wait for Kayci and Allison to arrive, I just hope we can find time to hang out (neither of our living quarters allows visitors from other complexes). 

Honestly, I’m still really not sure I can stand four more months of this, but there’s still room for improvement….right? 

Talk to y’all soon, lots of love and keep those good thoughts and hugs comin’. 

PS: the only “Alaskan wildlife” I’ve spotted so far is four rabbits….big rabbits, but still…….where’s the moose?  Oh, yeah, mosquitos too 🙂