Sorry everyone – it’s been quite a while and I never did catch up like I thought I would!  The post below and a subsequent few for the future may seem a little outdated, but I didn’t want to just leave them sitting in my drafts folder, so I’m posting them anyway.  Hope you don’t mind, and if you read any of them, thanks!  More soon hopefully!

January and February in review:

I can honestly say I have socialized more in this past month then I think I ever have at one time. Believe it, for me, that’s saying something. All of it is due to some very awesome friends my family has come to know and have whisked me away into the world of outings, laughter, and best of all, the joy of spontaneity.  With that being said, I doubt I can really do justice to highlighting all of my misadventures within the next few blog posts, but for my own records (as we know, nothing ever dies once it’s published on the internet!), I’m going to try my best to at least hint at a few.

January: Yeah……let’s just say, lot’s of good things happened in here, because by now I can’t remember any of them anymore.

February: First large blizzard of the month was of course the day we also decided to have an adventure in Glens Falls.  We spent at least an hour getting lost in and around Queensbury (by the way, there is a lot more to that city then meets the eye, worth another trip sometime) before finally finding our way into down town Glens Falls.  The plan was to hit Adventure Family Fun Time center and then go to Aimie’s Dinner and a Movie restaraunt.  Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for us.  We did wind up having a blast at the Fun place though – it was a day of first for me!  I had never driven bumper cars, fired paintballs, never played guitar hero, and had only done laser tag once before!  I felt like a kid in a giant toy store for the first time.  Everyone kept looking at me like I was nuts, and maybe I was – I was by far the most excited person there and also the oldest by about ten years in comparison to the other customers.

Free Wing night: Looking at my mini cooper, window shopping, then hanging out with friends over free wings, nachos, and other good food.  What could be more epic 🙂

Tuesday: hahah eehhh….yeah, another day of firsts.  I had my first car accident.  Wow, yeah really scary.  It wasn’t even off my dead end road, it would have been a lot worse if we had been going faster, but it was still bad enough that the “new” car is going to be…..well, needing a new door.  You know, I always thought that if I got in a car accident, a few things would happen differently.  I actually thought that one of the things I would remember most is the song that was playing on the radio when it happened and that everything would kind of slow down while it happened.  It didn’t.  I don’t have a clue what was playing on the radio and it went so fast that everything was kind of a blur.  It didn’t even occur to me until later that I might have actually been hurt quite badly if either car had been going faster, as it was my drivers side door that was crushed in.  Oh, plus the airbags didn’t go off, so I really like Ford’s now.  I like my Volkswagon personally, and though the circumstances are not ideal, I am happy to be driving my old car again, whether it’s on it’s death bed or not.

Friday night’s “surprise” party which wasn’t: Hanging out with friends at the Lakehouse Pub and Grille, meeting new people, and laughing at other people who drank too much.  It was fun 🙂

Saturday was a going away party for my very good friend who is leaving for the army (in basic for 17 weeks).  Another day of firsts: meeting the family is always an adventure 😉  Dinner was delicious though and definitely worth the harrowing drive to Castleton – we determinned that since the night had been planned weeks in advance, that was why there was a monster of a Vermont snow storm.

Tuesday: Best French Toast I have ever had was at Johnny Boy’s Pancake House in Rutland!!

Now, I can’t remember where in all this it happened, but somewhere along the line my attempts to acquire a job in Alaska for the summer actually happened.  I got a phone interview with Denali Visions 3000’s series of businesses located right outside of Denali National Park and I am now employed as a cashier at the only grocery store in the town….yeah, little scary, but also an adventure!  I will be leaving right after graduation from college, which will be May 14th for a six day driving trip to my summer of a lifetime.  I’ll tell you all about it some more when I have the time to realize I’m actually going now!!

Been a tough week all around, just trying to get used to not being around people that we care about.  Anyways, I know this is all a little all over the place, but a lot has happened in the last month, mostly good, and I wanted to at least document some of it.  Unfortunately, being busy and all like the rest of you, I didn’t get a chance to recount most of it until I had forgotten most of the details.  Either way, I’m glad I managed to take down a few key moments to remember!