Trip to Burlington with the gang!   We spent the day hanging out on Church street marketplace in Burlington, which was awesome!  It was also really cold, but we just kept ducking into shops and did some window shopping.  Then we had lunch at Ri Ra’s, an Irish pub amongst the stores.  It was amazing!!  The food was soooooooooo good.  I had a barbeque burger which had their own recipe of sauce and onion rings, along with sweet potatoe fries – all I can say is wow!  I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day.   After leaving and trying not to get our truck stuck in the car park we went to Barns & Nobles for a while, just to browse, which is my favorite thing to do!  Next, we hit Burlington’s  Cheese Traders!  This place is awsome.  If you have never been, you’re missing out on the best selection of wine, cheese, local foods, and just an amazing assortment of really good eats with really good prices!  After that, we made our trip home, hitting the seek button on the radio and singing along to whatever we could find.  We watched the Glass Bottom Boat, one of my absolute favorite movies!  A totally awesome day out with friends, I will never forget it!