“A French Toast Emergency” was one of my Pop-pop’s favorite winter sayings. Everyone rushes to the store before a big storm to buy the essentials: milk, bread, and eggs. Everything is closing down, while good ol’ Green Mountain College stays open, just like always. Soon, we’ll be the only place left open in Vermont! Either way, I’m taking a snow day – there’s no way I’m going to be able to move my car in this and with my luck with vehicles lately, I’d rather not take a chance!
With that said, it’s been a month since I have written anything on this blog, and I have mixed feelings. I feel bad because I liked that I was keeping sort of a “online diary” of sorts, but I feel good on the other hand because it means I was too busy enjoying my life to spend it glued to a computer screen. Now, in my last semester in college, I’m as glued as ever, so I figure it’s a good chance to get caught up again. Not sure I can really recap everything that’s happened in the last month, but I’m going to try.
Anyways, until then, everyone stay safe and warm, stay inside, and have a snow day!