The last week of a by-gone year in review:

Thursday:  Rock climbing (my sorry attempt at it anyways….I’m not scared of heights, but for some reason I get near the top of these indoor climbing areas and freeze to the spot, too afraid to let go of my tiny a** hand hold and trust the person holding the rope….I think a psychiatrist would say I have trust issues and I would reply “gee, you think so Doc?”).   This was still an absolute blast and it was fun to do something different.  The experience of hurting in more places than I thought possible was followed by dinner at Applebee’s, which was delicious and always pleasant.  How could this evening possibly have been topped off, you ask?  Ben & Jerry’s awesome flavored Peppermint Schtic ice cream before going home to watch Alice,the  best movie ever!

Friday: was New Year’s eve and we did something we never do – we actually had a party!  Well, we attempted to anyways.  See, we had this huge burn pile set up in a field that we needed to get rid of, so we thought, why not invite a ton of people over, have s’more’s, apple cider, some beer, and chips and pretzels while enjoying a nice bon fire and confiscated fireworks that my dad brought home from work?  So that’s what we did.  My best friend was able to come over early and we exchanged belated Christmas gifts and then watched the movie Vampires Suck, which…..well, sucked except for a few spare moments of hilarity.  It was still fun though, and after having a delicious dinner that my sister made, we got on all of our layers and headed down to the bon fire my dad had started and spread out all the food and drinks we brought with us.  I can’t say it was at any time a record crowd or a smashingly good “party,” but it was still a nice way to end the year, in the company of really great people! We finally tucked ourselves back inside at 3 am, January 1st.   

Saturday, first day of the new year:  What better way to spend the first brand new day of 2011 than with guns, I ask you?  Yep, after much exploration into our free time, my best friend and I decided that target practice with a BB gun, a .22, and my 30-30 deer hunting rifle would be the best way to spend it.  

Thankfully, neither of us had the humiliation of hitting anywhere outside the third ring!

From Bull’s-eye out: “you have a skill,” “try harder,” “are you even trying,” “why are you still trying?,” and finally…..


Monday:  Ah, well, what better way to start off that first Monday of the new year than with a flat tire by 10 am?  It really wasn’t that bad and it could have been a lot worse, but it was still not the best way to start the day – oh well, I now know how to properly change a tire on my car 🙂  After shoveling out the remaining snow around the log splitter, my dad and I proceeded to clean out the last remnants of our past life from the bread truck we called home (remember?).  Yes, a new developement with our home on four wheels…..after having it sit and grow older in our back yard for the last three years, we are getting rid of it.  It hurt a lot, but at least it’s not being taken to a junk yard – a good friend of ours is going to make good use of it, so we know that it will continue to make good memories for someone else.  Still, it’s a day to see it go.        

With the new year and the first new week of 2011 looming ahead, I feel it only right to state that New Year’s Resolution’s are a joke.  No, seriously, why do we torture ourselves into making commitments to do better, eat healthier, exercise more, only to realize that the only person you’re fooling is that little voice inside your head which has had way too much to drink anyway.  Yeah, so like everyone else, I said this out loud, while secretly making a short list of resolutions for me to screw up later…..go figure.  Why break with tradition anyways, it’s what we live for.  So, my resolutions are as follows:

Relax my death grip on this “perfect and completely fault free” life I keep trying to squeeze out of myself

Take more chances, say yes like it’s the only word left in my vocabulary

Try to be healthier and better to my body (hey, it may not be original or likely to succeed, but why not?)

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Get a head start on my bucket list (yes, I have one)

and just listen to myself better….not what my head is telling me because that bit always screws me up eventually, but  to my heart and gut – after all, it always works in the movies 🙂