You know that feeling of having Santa pulling his cap over your eyes until, surprise, it’s Christmas, as you go screaming towards a snow bank to hide in? Ah, gotta love the holidays……

Yes, it’s almost Christmas in Vermont (we all feel special around the holiday….after all, White Christmas is set in wonderful Vermont….”all that snow, must be lovely this time of year!”). But seriously, school just ended for me and I went from being completely overwhelmed with homework and work to neck-deep in oversocializing and “hahaha, WOW where the h*** did Christmas shopping time go!??!!” Believe me, I’ll definitely take the latter over the former, but I’m still waiting for that nice relaxation time I keep hearing about.
Every year it’s the same – I finally get done with homework, only to realize Christmas is just a stone’s throw away and right around the corner is New Year’s and then I am back to school. I scramble like an idiot trying to finish (ha! finish, more like start!) my Christmas shopping so that I won’t look like an idiot later…..or so I think 🙂 We managed to string some lights up on the porch and hang a nice winter wreath on the door, but no Christmas tree this year. I know, I know *sigh*…’s weird. It’s the first year of my life that we have never had a Christmas tree somewhere in our house for the holiday… feels a little like one more foot in the door for change.

So many things have changed over the last three years, but we always feel it the most around Christmas and every little thing we neglect to follow through on in the tradition department is one more reminder that things are not the same, nor will they ever be. On the other hand, we are all dealing with these new changes relatively well….last year the lack of spruce fur needles clogging up our sinuses for an entire month would have given us all heart attacks. This year, we can handle it. I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but it’s the way we’re going out.

This month has led to a lot of wonderful memories and moments and I am cherishing every minute of non-school related fun!  Recently, I went to see Tangled, which I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can buy it.  It was hilarious!  If you haven’t seen it yet, I definitely recommend it.  Henceforth, my song of the month is as follows and was the credit music for Tangled, performed by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, a Vermont based band!  Also, you can find a better video to hear the song, but this is the coolest promotional music video ever….I want a job at this studio so bad now!

The new Narnia movie also came out this month and was about as depressing as the latest Harry Potter.  I mean, I knew it wasn’t exactly a happy series, as each of the children keep leaving Narnia, but I guess I was expecting it to be a little less……morbid.  Either way, I’m still glad I saw it and I am still looking forward to the next one, with whoever they manage to get to replace Lucy and Edmund….*sigh*. 

This past Saturday was spent wallowing in book shelves, drooling over my favorite pastime.  Thanks to a wonderful Christmas gift, hours were well spent picking out books in the Northshire bookstore before getting Chinese take out and watching Serenity!  Definitely an awesome day!

Sunday was a tradition of the holidays.  My sister’s best friend came over for our once-a-year get together to make and decorate Christmas cookies, drink hot cocoa, and catch up on all of our girl talk.  We try to keep this little shindig alive every year and so far it’s one of the few ones we have actually been able to keep!

 Monday I was back at Northshire to have lunch with one of my favorite professors, as a sort of “chill out and relax” lunch.  We had homemade soup at her house, than I did some much-needed Christmas stocking stuffer shopping at the bookstore.  I got some cool stuff and am now set I think for the big day. 

Tuesday…..ah, Tuesday.  6:30 am wake up call, finished packing the car, and headed down to Maryland for a quick two-day visit for the holidays.  The car ride was long, but it was nice to see everyone again, especially since I might not see family for almost a year.  It was a tough trip though, as it was short and the 16 hours in a car were  painful 🙂 

Now, it’s Christmas eve.  My sister found a century plant in our attic that we brought back from a trip to New Mexico.  All that’s left of it is the dried out four-foot stock with some seed pods left on it.  She strung the only strand of lights we had left on it, which just happened to be pink.  Yeah, it’s a bit pathetic, but it’s what we could scrounge up and it’s something to put the presents under tomorrow morning. 

I applied to another lodge for a summer position in Alaska.  I’m still on the fence about the whole thing – I’m scared to step out of my comfort zone on one hand, but I’m also really hoping that I get the chance to go, as I know it would be the experience of a lifetime!  For now, I will just keep applying and preparing, hoping that I will get a job so I have the opportunity to choose. 

My father has to work both Christmas eve and Christmas day, which was unexpected and he does not get overtime.  It has certainly made us a little short-tempered this season, but we are all dealing with it and we’ll still make time for each other before he heads off to work. 

I am just looking forward to a little more downtime…..I’m planning on reading. A LOT.  First off, I am making myself read some of the classics that I was never forced to read during highschool.  I know there is a reason why people have to be forced to read the “classics,” but I figure that they are there for a reason, and I should probably suffer along with everyone else.  Other than that, I am going to soak in all the “doing nothing” bits of life that I can before my last hell-bent semester of college. 

Merry Christmas, happy holiday’s, and happy New Year if I don’t get back here before than.  Remember, live for the life you have, and it will be the life that you want.  Christmas and New Year’s is the perfect time to start believin’ the mantra…….I guess I should practice what I preach, huh? 

From my home and heart to yours,

Much love this holiday season.