So, to begin with, November 20th was a special (and not to mention frighteningly horrific) kind of day.  As part of an independent study for media leadership, I created a project that would benefit the community and myself.  Through the help of WEQX and a few select other organizations and people, I was able to get three local bands to come to Green Mountain College and play in order to help raise money for the World Food Programme and collect food donations for the Poultney Food Shelf.  Three and a half months hard labor went into this project, and it finally paid! 

I won’t go into too much detail because 1) too many blood, sweat, and tears were shed in the process to be recounted and 2) frankly, it’s over therefore I am free to not give a damn.  What is most important to note however is that nothing disasterous happened on the night of and I had amazing people there to help.  We collected over two hundred dollars in money donations and about one hundred and fifty food items just in time for the holiday season.  It felt good and the bands I think had the best time.  The turn out was…..well, less than notable, but it was a tough weekend and I am just thankful that I had as many people show up as I did. 

The bands were amazing and definitly made the whole project worth it.  The Midnight Society, Loaded Mojo (filling in for Flakjacket, who had a last minute emergency….which is usually how they happen), and Slick Back Swagger were the evening’s band lineup.  All were awesome and really laid back, which was just what we were looking for.  The evening went along as planned, and I was just so happy nothing flopped 🙂  I have now written a five page paper on the event and am ready to move on, but I also hope that I get to do something like this in the future because it was a great experience for a good cause and all in all I really did have a good time when the actually night took off!  I don’t have too many pictures and the videos are just not going public because frankly their are things one just shouldn’t see… me dancing.  So, for those that made it, thank you so much for your support and those that didn’t will just have to check out these awesome bands for themselves! 

I ask for volunteers and I get Lazy bums....just kidding!They Had Kazoos!

They Had Kazoos!