So, to start things off, last Saturday was WEQX’s 26th birthday!  To celebrate, the amazing people that run the show at EQX put together a shin dig at Northern Lights that included a bunch of awesome bands, giveaways, cake, and the sponsoring of a good cause (namely raising donations that went to New England area foodbanks).  The line up included

Deluka at Northern Lights

Lunic, The Velma’s, Ten Year Vamp, and the headliners being the totally awesome Deluka!  By the end of the evening, we were deaf, blind from strobe lights, and mute from trying to shout over the noise…..I mean music 🙂

I had never been to Northern Lights before, so I guess I was expecting…..well, something different I guess.  I was a little more than surprised when we realized our GPS wasn’t lying to us and that it was in fact located between a Dollar General and a 24 hour church in a strip mall beyond the boonies of Clifton Park.  It didn’t matter too much in the end though, because it was an

Jason and I at EQX's 26th Birthday party

 epic evening (and morning….we didn’t get home ’til 2 am) out with great friends and it was fantastic to see all the people who had made my summer so special! 

We sat, we laughed, we cringed, and I think for the most part just enjoyed doing something different, no matter how literally painful it was at points.  It’s neat to attend concerts of bands you love, especially if you are a huge fan, but they are also pretty tough on the mind and body, sometimes physically detrimental.  I think it was just as much fun finding our way there, locating a 24 hour McDonald’s at 12:30 on the way out, and talking all the way home.  Like with life, it’s often the journey that one experiences the most pleasure (not to mention the best company). 

The last few days otherwise have been pretty uneventful ( I haven’t managed to start hunting yet, although a friend sighted in my rifle and cleaned it for me so I am all set).  I have been constantly working to ensure that my Band For Hunger event this Saturday wasn’t a total flop (next blog post for the update on that one).  I think I had a poster in every major town surrounding my own, not to mention Poultney and GMC are covered in them.  I’m excited, but I’m also scared, which is normal for me and I guess a good thing.  I just hope that this will fulfill my independent study…..otherwise, it’s been a hell of a three months for not a whole lot on my end folks 🙂 

A good night out with good friends!Yay for people who can sing!

Yay for people who can sing!