First let me say that New Hampshire is horrible to drive in…..I know, that had nothing to do with Halloween, but it needed to be said.  I spent Thursday and Friday driving through it to find a conference and boy was it stressful.  I think this should be there next “Welcome to New Hampshire!” slogan:  “Where blinkers are useless, driving etiquette is non-existent, and roundabout’s are on every stretch of road!”

I think the highlight of my trip though was eating in Portsmouth.  There were sooooo many places to eat and we were so hungry that we pretty much picked the first one we saw – which just happened to be The Coat of Arms British Pub.  It. was. amazing!  I have been to England/European country-side a few times and there is nothing better than REAL English food (well….except for maybe Welsh, which is to die for)!  The food was so good – I had hand-made shepherds pie and my sister had bangers and mash (in other words, stuffed sausage and mashed potatoes).  Definitely worth all the traffic based aggravation. 

I woke up Saturday to get as much homework as I could done in order to enjoy a bit of my Halloween weekend. 

My failed attempt to plan ahead.....

Unfortunately, I spent so much time concentrating on homework that I didn’t try on my Star Trek costume before Rutland’s Halloween Parade that evening.  Needless to say, it didn’t fit (picture a milk carton costume, except it was red).  So, in a fit of panic and desperation, I dressed in all black, through on a neat dress mask that I had picked up earlier on in the week, and called myself Mardi Graus.  Eh, it worked.

It had snowed for most of the day before hand (thankfully none of it stuck), so it was downright cold.  The parade was…..well, better than last year.  It was raining ice, not EVERY float was a tribute to either the Pirates of the Caribbean or Indiana Jones (although there was one Indiana Jones highschool band theme), and it was fun to hang with great people.  I got to see my two best friends at the same time, both I hadn’t seen for a long time.  It felt good to just goof off and be a little out of the norm (one of the reasons I love Halloween so much).  I didn’t get much candy, but they never give any out to us old people.  Apparently, you have to be five or under to truly enjoy all the benefits of Halloween….go figure.  Some of the candy-carriers are quite evil too – especially the women.  We get such bad looks if we ask for a piece of candy.  Oh well, I guess that is one part of this holiday that is limited to the extreme youth. 

 Sunday began at around 10 am, as we fired up the new oven (yay!) and started baking our hearts out for our friends Halloween party!  We made sooooooo much food!  Here is a list of some of the food we made, as well as some of my best friend’s creations:

Chocolate Toffee Cheesecake

Apple Cheesecake Strudel Bars

Apple Pie

Brownies with bone shaped sprinkles

Witch fingers, made of sugar cookie dough with iced and sprinkled nails and bloody stumps (the scariest and most awesome Halloween creation ever!)

Pretzel Wands, as well as ones with chocolate rats and skeleton fingers

We also stopped at a Christmas Tree Shop while we were in New Hampshire and picked up some amazingly priced Halloween party decorations!  All in all, I think we had more fun baking and decorating for this party than anything!  Although…….this year’s trio costume job was probably the best idea we have had in years!!!  My sister went as

Halloween 2010

the Queen of Hearts, my best friend was an Evil Alice, and I was the Mad Hatter.  It was a blast!  I actually am not that big a fan of Alice in Wonderland, but our costumes were out of this world!  I bought a huge version of the original motion picture hat online, as well as a tie with playing cards on it, playing cards for earrings, stockings with decks of cards on them, and a funky striped skirt.  My costume was more a mish-mash of different items, but it’s the first time it actually really worked and looked good! 

I assumed no one else at our friend’s party would show up in costume, but I was pleasantly surprised yet again.  Everyone had great costumes, with a few ringers!  Not naming names, but there was a husband and wife that swapped costumes and went against the typical grain with the Hooker and Pimp outfits (can you guess?! I gave it Best Costume for the evening! even their dog was dressed up).  Also, there was another husband and wife who dressed in the matching plug and wall-socket costume……I’m not usually a fan of that sort of thing, but they were perfect in it!!  There was a raggedy anne, a Templar knight, the Hamburgler, a mister Monopoly, a lady bug, a zombie, and a wizard.  AND, there was more food than any village could finish off.  The party lasted well into the night (which was unfortunate really, as I had three classes, work-study, and meetings all day on Monday).  Final thought: It was a Halloween I will never forget and I hope we can do it again next year! 

Hope everyone had just as much fun and a safe Halloween! 


The Alice in Wonderland Tribute!

"Off with their heads!" No!!!!