Annnndddd I lost my good lead with this blog.  Well, to be frank, I expected it.  Things have been crazy here, trying to accomplish everything one possible senior can manage from week to week.  This past weekend was especially busy, as my aunt, uncle, and cousin came up from Maryland to visit!  I wanted to be able to hang out with them and not be spending the entire weekend doing homework, hence the silent, but mad rush. 

It worked out nicely and I was able to enjoy a wonderful three days with family!  We ate entirely too much food, hung out, and chopped almost two cords of wood together on Sunday.  Saturday we spent with friends and family and went to Weston to visit the country store, which my family hadn’t been to and I hadn’t seen in years.  We walked around for a few hours, enjoying all the fun novelties and Vermont foods before heading to Manchester’s Northshire Book Store.  We went their ultimately for the food, with the books being a bonus 😉  They have the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever eaten!   Whatever cheese and bread you want with Applewood Smoked bacon……my mouth is watering all over again!  I didn’t buy any books, but of course I found hundreds of ones I would have liked to (I just can’t bring myself to buy books at full price when I fill a bag of them for a dollar over the summer…plus, it’s not like I don’t have enough). 

Monday……was Monday.  One of these days I swear, I’m going to have a good Monday.   I am taking off after my Thursday evening class this week to head to Montpelier.  My sister is giving a presentation at a conference and I want to be there for her.  It will be nice, as we are sticking around all day Friday to check out the town and relax a little. 

I am so excited that it’s almost Halloween weekend!!!!  We are hitting the Rutland parade on Saturday night and a friend is having a party on Sunday night.  I have my costumes all figured out and pieced together….I am soooooo excited for my second costume, but I’m not telling what it is yet…..more after the Halloween weekend,  I swear!  There will be lots of pictures, I promise!! 

Wishing everyone a safe, spooky, and seriously candy-filled, hauntingly awesome Halloween!!!!!!!!      

Happy Halloween Everyone!!