It’s fall break here at GMC and everyone needed it.  For four glorious days, I can breathe.  Homework will be on the mind of course, but for just a little while it will take a back-burner.  Instead, more important and lasting things will take center stage for a while – friends, family, food, fun, and a few frights. 



A day out in the woods...


We took some time and went for a hike on the Adirondack trail to see Thundering Falls in

Look! I found a hippy!

 Killington with friends.   It was a little chilly, but it was so nice to get out and do something different.  I took lots of pictures and we had a blast trying not to get lost! 

We did a short stint of shopping and food before heading home for witch pictures!  The rad costumes, ideas, and gut-busting laughs of a hobby between friends is all we ever need to make a weekend special. 

Sunday:  We helped a friend pull his boat in from the water and took one last trip around the lake until next year.  It was kind of sad, but it also means that ice skating and walks on the lake will be just around the corner.  After that, we headed to Rut-Vegas to do a little car shopping.  We’re in the market for some new wheels, as all of ours are slowly, but surely careening towards the edge of their chop-shop grave.  A little bit of homework was in order after that, but how could I accomplish anything when it’s still my weekend?

Monday:  Witch costumes again!  Well, actually, we spent all day doing what we girls do best – spending money!  We checked out Wal-Mart’s Halloween costume section and my sister wound up buying another fun colored wig and a mask.  Next, we finally made it to the Party Store where the Spirit of Halloween Costume store was supposed to be.  We were so disappointed that it wasn’t in the mall anymore.  It was even more disappointing in the Party Store…..there were about three isles total and all of the costumes had to be selected from a picture board.  With our dreams of amazing super-duper costumes dashed, we headed back to K-Mart in the mall. 

You know it’s saying a lot when the two isles of K-Mart is our best bet for costumes around here.  Even so, my sister and my best friend managed to find their costumes for this year’s party.  I think we will try to keep the tradition alive with the witch costumes at the parade, but we all wanted to have a second option.  My sister will be showing up as a spunky Eskimo, while my friend will be an evil Alice from Alice And Wonderland. 

Myself……well, I couldn’t find anything that really right, but I believe with one purchase and a little tweaking of some items I have at home, I might be able to pull something off 🙂  I’ll explain if it works.  For now, it’s more planning and back to school for now.  My midterm grades are out and one of them…..well, it wasn’t what I was expecting, so I guess my perfectionist self will be miffed for a few days, and than just have to deal. 

Sister by the lake


Three Goons at Thunder Falls