This weekend was one of those diamond in the rough wonders – sometimes, you have to look below all the superficial and craptacular moments (yeah, it’s a word! *in the new internet dictionary that is…I’ve been waiting to be able to use this in a blog post).  I don’t want to use this blog for complaining because, let’s face it, I do enough of that offline as it is.  So, I’m going to highlight most of the more shining moments this weekend….and use my next post to complain about all the other things (who am I kidding?  My life and this blog would be a total bore if I left out all the exciting and debilitating stories).


It was such a beautiful fall day, especially after the wet and miserable week we had, that my sister and I couldn’t resist

My sister and her dog out for a strole!

 taking a little time to go for a hike.  For once, I wasn’t hidden behind a mountain of homework (well, at least I didn’t think I was…..then.) and the fresh air was calling us.  We packed up my camera with extra batteries, a pistol (it’s Vermont people and things bite in the woods, so if need be, we have the ability to shoot it and make it’s day a hell of a lot worse than ours would have been), a scarf around the neck of our dog (it’s hunting season and he is the spitting image of a young deer), and a walking stick before heading out.  

We just hiked through the woods in back of our house and followed the stream.  It was nice because we did something I don’t believe we have tried since we were really little – have you ever played “Pooh-Sticks”?  Winnie The Pooh and his best friend Piglet would stand on a bridge and throw sticks into the water on one side and see whose came out first on the other side.  We didn’t have a bridge, but the idea was the same.  It was fun to act like a kid again and get so much enjoyment out of something so simple!

Playing Pooh Sticks....

When we got back, we put away our hiking stuff and pulled out some very different equipment and practiced fencing!  No, not the farming kind, silly – sword fighting.  GMC has a Fencing club on campus that my sister and I joined for a time and we both became really interested.  We ended up buying masks, jackets, and our own gloves to practice with.  It’s a bunch of fun and good exercise.  I love being able to say “I fence” when people ask what sport I like to play 🙂


Ah, a little back-story:  our house is very old and so is practically everything in it, including our stove.  However, recently it has taken a downward turn and we decided it needed to be replaced.  SO, we looked and looked and finally bought a new stove.  Unfortunately, we had to get our new stove out of the kitchen and the new one in.  So, we spent much of Sunday morning rearranging the furniture in preparation.

Next, we headed to our friend’s house for one last boat ride on Lake Bomoseen before it is put away for winter.  We spent about an hour before-hand planning a giant Halloween party that I am so happy to be a part of!  Halloween is my favorite holiday, as you can tell from this video I made of myself and friends in our costumes!

The boat ride was next, as we tried to enjoy the moment while our faces froze.  It was nice when we docked at the Lakehouse Bar and Grille and all got a nice hot cider before getting back on the boat and heading for shore on the other side of the lake.  After that, we had lunch, purchased from Castleton’s Blue Cat Bistro.  All in all, a good weekend.

On a side note, I almost had the chance to go to Salem in time for Halloween fun, but it would not have worked with my school schedule, so I guess it will be one opportunity that I miss this year.  Instead, that weekend will be spent watching Rutland’s epic Halloween parade, enjoying an amazing party, and preparing for an exam that Monday.  Alas, there is always a little good with the bad:)

Goodnight world!