Standardized testing – it really makes you not want to think.  The more you think about it and its implications, the more you want to draw back from it, reject it and shout “I’m an individual who wants to learn, not cram and forget!” at the top of your lungs.  But you don’t – you sit there and stare at that piece of paper as all the definitions and identification terms swirl in your head from hours of memorization and glance up at the clock wondering how you are supposed to do what is asked in the time allotted.  That’s another portion of my education – learning about the social cues that we tend not to deviate from. 

More on that later I think……

This weekend is going to be a little stressful, but nothing I can’t handle.  Saturday night is the Fall foliage concert on campus and I’ve been asked to usher.  It will be nice to work in the theatre again for a little bit, plus I haven’t seen the choir since most of its members graduated last spring.  New blood, new rhythms 🙂 

On a home front note, the remaining guinea hens are all grown up and funny as hell.  Ah, I guess I should expand on

Porch Pets

 that (unless I already have – in that case, forgive me for repeating myself).  We lost six of them a while back….we don’t know to what, but it was probably coyotes or foxes.  So much for all the effort we put into raising 15 of them.  Now we are down to a stable (hopefully) eight.  They are quite friendly which is

Eight little guinea's, all in a line....

nice, except that it also acts as a downside – they are completely comfortable around our cats, cars, and dogs in general, which means having them guard duty pets went down the drain.  Oh well.  It’s kind of nice for the most part – they have now taken to roosting on our porch sometimes, which is fun to see when you come home.  Eight funny looking birds (they look like miniature turkeys now) sitting on your railing squawking to themselves… can’t help but laugh. 

I’ve been trying to take more pictures of my college campus these days.  In the four years that I have been year, I didn’t take a single photo.  Now, I’m trying to make up for it in two semesters!  Most of my pictures are just scenery though, trying to catch the fall foliage before it disappears. 

Don't you wish you were here?

It’s friends and family weekend at GMC, which is always fun.  I don’t attend any of the

Aren't they cute? Of course, they are our farm's home grown meat source....

 events, nor is it really special to me in particular, as my family works at the college five days a week.  But it’s fun to see students you have known for years showing their parents around the campus.  In a way, they revert back to a younger self, and it’s always fun to see who belongs to whom (have you ever been friends with someone for a long time and then seen there parents and realized they look nothing alike?  Or just the opposite sometimes…).

Unfortunately, I have hit the proverbial wall of denial in my school work.  It happens to everyone, it’s just that usually I don’t manage to run head first into it until the second or third month, not the fourth week!  Not much I can do about it except keep my head up and wait it out ’til I reach the other side! 

In the mean time, I’ve got exams to study for and papers/presentations to finish.  More hopefully this weekend….

The greenest school in the nation!

Campus life