Ah, another week survived!  I can’t believe it’s only the third week of classes….it feels like the third month!  By this point we’ve all figured out our likes, dislikes, and our daily routines.  I have one class I enjoy quite a bit, three I would rather not attend for the rest of the semester, and still haven’t heard or figured out what I am supposed to be doing with my internship or independent study.  Guitar unfortunately, has taken a back burner, as 18 credits and a work study position doesn’t leave much time for anything besides homework.  Exams begin this week and continue next week as well.  It’s at this point I really start reconsidering my decision to go to college.  Yeah, sure, I get to go for free, so really, what choice was there?  But I still have no idea what I want to do with my time, what would actually make me happy.  I mean, some people at least have an idea – where does that leave me?  Well, still struggling to survive one last year before I really have to start asking myself those questions in a much more serious tone.  Otherwise, it might be McDonald’s for me.  I’ve come so far, but at the same time, I feel as though I am no closer to being happy.  However, as my dad needs to remind me, I have the rest of my life to figure that out. What’s those lyrics?  “some of the most interesting people I know didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives at 25, some of the most interesting forty-year-old’s I know still don’t”?  Guess that’s me 🙂

Remember a while ago I wrote about our emu and his unfortunate fate?  Well, I told a good friend of mine at college about that story and that we had a few stakes in our freezer.  He was so excited that I brought him a couple on Friday and he made a delicious stew with some spices from Serbia and we had a regular feast!  Homemade corn bread, dinner with a story, and Rhubarb cheesecake that my sister made.  It was a great meal with even better friends and stories.  We toasted Linus and I think all things considered it was a pretty good tribute.  Alas, it’s back to studying for exams – I can at least say that although things aren’t very enjoyable right now, I make the best out of it and I’m not bored.  So, that’s not too bad, now is it?