It appears as though there is no rest for the wicked or overworked – then again, maybe it’s just me.  Either way, this blog is certainly falling behind a little.  Ah well, I do my best.  Unfortunately, at this point, things become a little fuzzy.  So, I’ll try my hardest and see what happens. 


Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more crazy, my second week hits.  Second week was like the first, only busier.  Not only am I still trying to get into the swing of my initial four classes, but I started my awesome work-study position, guitar lessons, and not to mention all the homework and group projects I have due already.  Yeah, I’m saying it – I’m only two weeks in and already I need a holiday.  I’m gonna suck when I have to get a regular job…..but that’s a worry for another time.  Right now, I have enough on my plate 🙂  So, a quick run through of the slightly more exciting things of my Monday:

My first guitar lesson.  See, I’ve had this electric guitar starter kit that I bought six years ago just molding away in my closet and I figured I really should take advantage of the music lessons on campus and try to learn.  I have completed all three of the piano levels in the past, but I wanted to branch out a bit.  I tried to add it to my class list, but due to recent changes, I would have had to pay A LOT more money to add one credit.  SO, I am now taking a back seat in hopes of at least just learning the basics from one of my favorite musically talented professors. 

So far, I’m just glad I have been able to remember what I can concerning reading music from my piano lessons – otherwise, I would be completely lost.  Even so, I feel pretty out-paced, but it doesn’t matter because I’m there to learn, right?  I bought new strings and a better guitar case, which I am hoping will improve my chances.  We’ll see, I guess. 

And then there was my first hour of my work-study position.  It may sound weird, but I honestly missed it and it was one of the few things I was looking forward to starting again when I returned to campus.  Mostly it’s because I have an awesome boss, but it’s also a great learning experience that gets me out and about, as well as offering me the chance to feel like I have actually accomplished things that have an impact on the people around me.  It’s a very rewarding feeling.  I got to fire up the ol’ paper chomper in the  mail room, which is always a bit scary and challenging.  There have been some nice changes since last semester, like some office redecoration and a few projects finally made it through that I was working on last term.  Overall, it’s by far the one thing I am actually glad to be doing again here at GMC.  Yeah, that’s pretty sad, but it’s the truth.

Rest of the week:

Went by in a flash.  No really, it did.  I’ve honestly already settled into one of my routines attributed with college – put your head down and plow on through ’til they tell you to stop.  It all kind of blurs together at that point and only a few of the more memorable (or horrifying) moments stick out. 

The one thing I had going for me this week though was a single thought – BRIMFIELD.  Annnndddd that little ditty is for my next blog post 🙂