After a fantastic Friday, what could possibly follow that would top it?  Well, how about an epicly sweet Saturday?  Yes, it happened!  After struggling to accomplish some dire homework, it was time for the better part of my day to start.  We headed to Rut-Vegas to see Resident Evil: Afterlife! Check out this awesome trailer for the movie:

I never saw the other ones in theatres, so even though I was scared out of my wits to see it in 3D, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  I am not one for scary movies – I hid behind my coat for the entire duration of Signs (except for the one time I peaked and saw the alien….).  Yeah, so my horror tolerance is low, but for some reason, Resident Evil is one of my favorite movie series!  I don’t mind the zombies and I love the action scenes.  This is one set of films that only gets better instead of worse with sequels. 

Though I have to say, Afterlife was pretty awesome but was lacking in some areas that the other films weren’t.  The zombie scenes were all a little too predictable (although I was pretty happy at the time….as soon as I knew a zombie was going to jump out at me, quite literally with the 3D glasses, I closed my eyes).  In addition, the bigger a movie gets, the more cliché’s begin to emerge.  Even so, I was not disappointed and I CANNOT wait for the next one (and yes they are definitely going to have to make another one!). 

Milla Jovovich has not lost her touch, Ali Larter as Claire was amazing and had some really great fight scenes, and the story line is still just as captivating.   After the film, all we wanted to do was have a Resident Evil marathon (which I believe may be in the works for next weekend…we’ll see what the homework hell has for us first). 

After that we spent way too much money clothes shopping again and ate chinese food until the mall closed.  Yup, pretty much an awesome Saturday.