Ah, Saturday – it gives all of us college knockouts hope.  We slept in and headed to the mall for some much needed girl shopping.  I was always a tom-boy, wearing boys clothes and refusing to bathe.  Somewhere along my twisted youth the media and my sister got a hold of me – can’t say I appreciate either one’s influence, but on the other hand, I do look much nicer now 🙂  We hit Maurice’s for some back to school clothes shopping.  Yeah, it’s a little late in the month for that, but I procrastinate.  Plus, I’m still not so good at stylin’.  I tend to throw random outfits together and hope they come out semi-decent.  For the most part, it works.  Anyways, we actually spent most of our afternoon just having a blast trying on as many outfits as we could think of.  I think we made the people working there very happy, especially if they make commission. 


The much needed, yet dreaded, trip to the grocery store.  It’s one of the fastest places we spend our money and loose our desire to live, all in one go!  This time around, something got me thinking (and I blame it entirely on my Introduction to Sociology course that I am taking this fall).  Let me paint a picture:  I’m standing in this gigantic, refrigerated store aisle, mind blank as I stare at over one hundred deodorant choices with really crappy elevator music playing in the background.  Normally, this wouldn’t have made me hesitate because at the same time, I still need to find that stupid brand of deodorant I have written on my list.  But somehow, it all seemed a little too much.  It was a sad few minutes of contemplation before I had to move on to the bread aisle.  I’m sure I could come up with some philosophical reasoning behind all that, but I’m too tired to care.

Later that afternoon we went over to a friend’s house to celebrate….well, I guess it would be Labor day, but we’ll use

Gary's Party

any excuse to party.  It was a ton of fun, AMAZING food, and great people.  I ate the best

Shuckin' with the Miller's!

 seafood chowder I have ever had (and that’s saying something coming from me), stuffed myself on fried clam cakes, and topped it all off with giant marshmallow S’More’s.  I think we were there for about eight hours or so and it was great every minute.  

The best part of the evening was sitting down by the lake around a campfire, listening to the chatter, as I looked up for just a second and saw the largest shooting star.  It went right over us and no one else saw it in time.  I couldn’t help but relish the moment of a singular special glimpse at the simpler things of happiness.  I guess I’m ready to start the week now. 

My sister with Bonzai, our friend's dog