Ah yes, so the stinky stuff hit the fan on my second day – who’d a thunk?  Well, I guess it wasn’t really that bad, it just could have gone better.  First of all, we’re having a heat wave here in Poultney (90 degrees daily), which makes things a bit more difficult.  My class for the day was…..well, less than positive.  See, I’m one of those people (I mentioned I was a pessimist, right?) who always expects the worst, that way when I’m wrong, which is often enough, things work out better than I was expecting.  Unfortunately, when things work out worse then I expected, it’s usually pretty bad because I was already dreaming up all the nightmare situations that could possibly occur.  Got it?

Anyways, Tuesday was more of those “all the little things add up to form one nasty monster of a day” kind of days.  I couldn’t find my classroom, even though I’ve seen more of this campus then most students ever wish to imagine in the last four years.  Then, I found out that most of the people in this particular class are pretty low on my list of “tolerable’s,” followed by an hour of me contemplating ways in which I could kill someone and make it look like an accident and how Deja Vu doesn’t even come into the fact that this class is exactly like four other ones I have already taken and never wished to take.  Yeah, so that was fun.

Next, I headed to my car, only to find that I had a parking ticket on my window for not having a parking permit.  My parking permit has not moved from my bumper in four years.  It’s not a big deal and once the situation is explained, I think the ticket won’t be a problem, but it just didn’t help my mood (which was already on its way to the bottom). 

In the hour and a half it took me to go from “yay school, we can do this!” mood to the “get me out of here” denial stage, I was pretty much spent.  However, I’ve still got three more days of up and down, so I guess not much will matter until I get to my final verdict – bring it on Friday!