Alas, it has finally arrived – my last day working for EQX.  It really is a sad day, but still a good one!   I had wanted to get them all something special as a thank you gift for providing me with such an amazing internship experience, but I wasn’t sure what to get them.  Luckily, a light bulb came on during my Wednesday afternoon and I picked up four Green Mountain College mugs from the college bookstore, filled them with chocolate, and wrote a personal thank you note to each of them.  I brought them in this morning and left them on everyone’s desk – they all loved them and I think they really appreciated the gesture.  It brought on a lot of hugging, thank-you’s “call if you need anything” ‘s and just some generally happy feelings.  It was a really nice way to start off the morning.  Unfortunately, it was actually a pretty slow Thursday.  I alphabetized some CD’s, then headed downstairs to finish working on an excel spreadsheet that I hadn’t finished.  I also took one last spin around the EQX website to check for expired pages and events.  It was kind of an ironic moment, beginning and ending this internship with my face glued to a fifteen inch glowing display looking for anomalies on a webpage…..ah, communications excitement 🙂  You callin’ me a geek?  Yeah, me too…..

The privileges of a last day working for EQX are pretty awesome though – they let me raid the prize closet one last time and attempted to find an EQX jacket that would fit me, but they didn’t have small enough sizes, so I’ve been promised one when smaller sizes come in.  That’s definitely worth a trip. 

I got some last-minute pictures in the air studio and a few photos with the crew as a final goodbye memory.  We all

EQX Air, here I am!!

exchanged heartfelt goodbyes and so concluded my internship at EQX.  I’m going to miss it, but I plan on keeping in touch.  No more Tuesday and

"Now, which button wasn't I supposed to push!?"

 Thursday trips to Manchester, being challenged with a difficult phone system and picking out awesome music.  No more all day events spent sweating along with awesome bands and getting autographs….well, there’s a chance I can still get in on those in the future, so maybe all isn’t lost.  Anyways, I’ll be spending a lot of time this semester talking to people about it and writing papers on it, so it definitely won’t be far from my mind. 

And for all the amazing memories I have to take away from it, I don’t see myself forgetting it for a very, very long time. 

Thanks EQX, you are the proverbial bomb of the century.

I'm really going to miss seeing these faces every week..... 😦