Okay, so I wasn’t having a particularly good day to start with, but man, this racoon had one hella bad day in comparison.  Right, starting at the beginning…..

Woke up with a giant head ache, followed by an even more massive pain in my left hand and knee because yesterday after returning home from my last day of work at EQX I attempted to get some things done and ready for school – stupid idea of course.  Anywhoodles, I did some laundry, and other stuff on Thursday before trying (emphasis inserted here) adjust the handle bar height and seat on my crappy yard sale excuse of a bike that I want to use for getting to classes this fall.  Yes, I have a new bike, but therein lies the problem – I’m too paranoid that something will happen to it to use it at my school, so I thought I would try to improve upon my other awesome bike that only cost me $3 and a can of spray paint, plus some breaks pulled from a previously dismantled bicycle (yeah, I was one of those kids….except I could never figure out how to put it back together…hehe, yeah, that’s where things usually went wrong).  I even made a motorless go-kart with bicycle parts once…..never did figure out how to add steering, so it was only used for really straight hills – unfortunately, not many of those in Vermont. 

Annnndddd, off topic again.  Right, so I tried to adjust my handlebars, failed miserably (I think they are actually lower now….) and in the process tripped over the darn thing and used my left hand and knee to fall on….as you can probably tell, that didn’t go very well.  Nothing broken, but certainly bruised enough to cause lack of gripping capabilities in my left hand and a limp in my left leg for a while. 

In Our Backyard...

Right, so back to today.  I tried to do some more stuff around the house and pretty much

The Stream!

 failed, so I decided to take a little hike along the stream behind my house.  I think my timing is just……well, impeccable really.  I went at the hottest part of the afternoon, while all the mosquito’s had already come out, plus the brush was so high I couldn’t see anything in front of me anyways.  Still, I enjoyed while it lasted before high-tailing it out of there so I wouldn’t be eaten alive or die of heat stroke.  I managed to snap a few photos before that happened, but they aren’t anything too special.

The portrait of a walking stick....

Vermont's Ever-illusive (HA-HA-HA!) Boulder.


THEN, the high light of my day hit as I walked into the kitchen and looked through the window into the pen where our guinea hens are….well, supposed to be living.  They’ve pretty much taken to doing whatever they like and there isn’t much that will change their minds when they can fly really high and far….huh, catalog failed to mention that little charmer.  They still come back into the pen for food and water, so when I saw something move, I expected it to be one of the birds…..instead, I found myself staring at a very large raccoon.  

I then RAN to the front of the house where we have a 22. and a BB gun stored for chipmunks and cases similar to this.  Now, I’m by myself at home and someone is out front buying eggs with her 3 year old……yeah, moment of indecision there, but I wasn’t about to let a rabid raccoon take off with some of our dumb- I mean immensely adorable guinea hens. 

Long story short (not really anymore I guess, huh?) one shot to its butt as it ran away from me, which layed it up on it’s back and then two to the head finished the job.  It may sound nasty, but that thing was not in its right mind or ever in its life probably called cute.  Somewhere along the road it had gotten into a scuffle with a porcupine (and man, he must have pissed it off because his face was covered), as well as a skunk – blah. 

 I think it was probably a few stages into starvation from not being able to eat through the porcupine prickle pain, so I guess it could be looked at that I put it out of its misery.  Either way, my adrenaline was pumping and I’m sure I probably freaked out my neighbors as well.  Presently, he’s all bagged up in the barn awaiting a trip to the dump. 

I take this time to issue a statement of merit to this situation……don’t piss me off.  What’s the song?  “girls are made of gunpowder and lead”?  Close enough…. 🙂

My eventful evening was capped off by the battery in the lawn mower dying, following by me taking instructions over the phone on how to use a  battery charger.  Am I done now?  Because this is about all the excitement I can take for a Friday….