Yep, too much rain equals stuffing ourselves…..well, either that or watching way too much tv…or perhaps both.  Actually, I have to defend myself a little by saying that I was trying to get things done on Sunday.  I still have this independent study proposal that I am working on….it’s a bit of a slow process and certainly the LAST thing I want to be doing during my last week of freedom before school starts again.  Alas, it must be done. 

On the upswing though, Sunday evening was much more eventful.  It all started about a week or so ago………..

You see, we don’t eat out a lot, but sometimes it’s nice to try out new restaurants with friends, just as something enjoyable to do together.  We’ve eaten a few different places, but we were ready to try something new.  SO, while driving through Whitehall, NY to buy a few things at the  Green Mountain Marketplace.  Whitehall’s claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of the U.S Navy…..besides that… has a nice canal and a few good picnicking spots.  It’s actually quite a nice town, I think it just keeps missing its chance to get a fresh start – that is, until perhaps now.  I think more people are starting to see its potential and more businesses are moving in.  Among them, local food venues are getting a crack at success.  The owners of the Green Mountain Marketplace, a great place to buy bulk items at great prices, are branching out to try their hand at indulging the locals with their food as well.  They have converted the old bank in Whitehall into City, Steak, and Seafood, a restaurant that is supplied with the food from their wholesale market at great prices!  It’s quite new (they still didn’t have their liquor license yet), but it’s also pretty cheap and the food is excellent.  It was a great way to spend a rainy weekend evening.  Next, we might try the Sea Harbor Tavern and Grille….yum, my mouth is watering already. 

Eating is by far the greatest pinnacle of being human.  For all the advancements and novelties that go along with having a bigger brain and a more defined and moral compass towards our outlook on living, there is nothing in my book that beats out what can be done and experienced through our sense of taste and the passion that food commands of us.  The aroma’s, the atmosphere, the presentation, and of course the taste.  Using all of our senses to experience a palate of flavors is how we should define what it means to really live. 

If only we lived through the experiences we have through our stomachs. 

I honestly believe that wars could be ended and peace restored to a world in turmoil with a single bite of each other’s culture.  What better way to understand someone who grew up with a different perspective then to indulge in the foods that make up that culture? 

All our lives we (especially women) struggle to be obedient to our ideals of a perfect body, somehow believing that to achieve this is to truly be happy.  Have you ever stopped to think that losing those extra five pounds you think you have cannot possibly be compared to that feeling of eating the best meal you have ever had?  Where would the world’s culture and the human perspective of passion and love be if all of us never indulged?  Better yet, where would humanity be if we all gave in to our indulgences?  All I know is that eating is a way of bringing together the finer things in life:  friends and family, cultures, conversation, senses, and a passion that humans have only begun to realize exists through what we put on our plates and into our mouths.   

As you can probably tell, writing about food is a great passion of mine, just as eating is.  My family, my culture, even my professors have all instilled the joys of eating into my life and I believe that the key to making it a good one is to  let my stomach lead the way.