Saturday was the best day I could have asked for as my last internship event with EQX! Being indoors and on a more relaxed setting, it wasn’t nearly as stressful as some of the other events and provided me with ample opportunity to really enjoy my time there. 

Our EQX table with Frank Palangi onstage!

Held at the Wilton Mall in Saratoga Springs (about an hour and a half away from where I

Me looking semi-productive at the EQX table!

 live), EQX Unplugged featured a band line up from 12 ‘til 6 pm that included (in order) Frank Palangi, The First Place, Suprkid, Vinnie Velez, Lunic, and Deluka!!! We had the stage and EQX tables set up in the food court.  I worked the EQX booth, handing out stickers and key chains, raffle tickets, and selling merchandise for the bands. 

Frank Palangi’s father bought us lunch because we had supported his son, which was really neat and a bunch of the local businesses brought us snacks for the bands and for us. Jason taught me everything he could about the sound equipment and I was able to help mike all the bands and their instruments up for the show. It felt good to be learning some important lessons on sound equipment while listening to great music! 

Me with Deluka!! Yay!

Jason also gave me a Deluka t-shirt he had brought with him so I looked like I worked there, plus all the bands gave me their CD’s and signed them! All of them were pretty new and incredibly nice, especially Deluka! 

Deluka is one of our more popular bands on the radio so it was a big deal that they were taking time out of their tour of the US to play for us (they are all from the UK!). They were all really nice and relaxed. Their manager was so excited I was wearing one of their t-shirts that he took a picture of me and put it on their FaceBook page

I got some great pictures with them and of them performing on stage. They

Deluka onstage!

 gave me one of their cds and they all signed it and talked to me about their home. It was so cool to just talk about normal things with such a big and awesome band! It was a great cap to my evening and to the end of my summer/internship at EQX!

 I helped Jason pack up all the equipment and said goodbye until Tuesday. I’m really going to miss EQX – hopefully I will still get a chance to help out on some of their events in the future so I don’t completely lose touch with these awesome people!

The UK’s Deluka