Have you ever found yourself wondering how you could live in or near a place for so long and not know it nearly as well as you think?  For example, I have lived in a small town in Vermont all my life, with the closest city being Rutland, or as we locals like to call it, “Rut-Vegas.”  

Now, there isn’t a lot of mystery to Rutland, or for that matter, much of anything besides drug rings and plenty of sketchy bars.  HOWEVER, my father and I scored big time this past Monday.  See, we ran out of dog food and figured while we were away from the house we could do a little more last chance birthday shopping for my sister.  My sister is an amazing cook and the kitchen is one of her favorite places to be (scary I know, but it’s true).  She loves getting new equipment and fun stuff that she can use to cook and is thrilled whenever we get her anything to feed her inner chef.  Unfortunately, we had believed that the closest kitchen store was in Manchester and we weren’t really sure we wanted to take the drive – that is, until we discovered a gem! 

Long story short, we found a great little place (literally a warehouse in the back streets of Rutland) that mostly does wholesale kitchen items for big companies, but also functions as a store.  My dad and I went in there for a knife sharpening stone and came out with about ten things……and no knife sharpening stone 🙂  Oh well, that will have to be for another time.  Anyways,  after that my father and I got all the guinea hens moved into their new/temporary living space.  Okay, I know nothing is ever easy, especially when it comes to farming, but let me tell you – catching and transporting 14 extremely skittish and flighty birds was a lot harder than we had imagined.  We finally got them all moved after we lost two in the barn and then most of them flew over the fence anyways.  Now they actually seem to have become acclimated to their new spot and can eat all the bugs and clover they want.  It’s amazing how big they are now…. 

Our not-so-little-anymore guinea hens!