Today my family and I took a drive just for the thrill of it.  Whitehall NY is not the, um, most picturesque of places nor can the people who live there be described under the same amount of lights, but Whitehall does have a few nice things to offer.  For one, it has a beautiful boating lock, a bridge theater, a nice little park where summer bands play, and some recent (and may I say ambitious) restauranteurs have started to bring a little hospitality back into the place. 

It was just nice to drive around and visit some old hot spots of ours for goofing off when we had more time on our hands.  Plus, it gave us cause to reminisce.  For instance, driving by a certain road outside Whitehall brought back memories of a particularly cold and icy evening driving back from a friend’s house with my mom at the wheel.  Now, you may call be a bit biased, but on the other hand, none of you were constantly subjected to seeing your life flash before your eyes every time my mom had power over a three thousand pound box on wheels.  Needless to say, driving was not one of her more….skillful activities.  On this particular evening, my mom hit a turn too fast on a patch of black ice – I had never (and nor hopefully will I ever  see it again) seen our family van do 360 degrees before, especially going so fast.  I was in the back seat (I think I was about ten, so I believe you can understand my enthusiasm at the time) screaming “again, do it again mom!”, while my sister turned a lovely shade of white.  My mom, however, was silent…..for once 🙂  Then, we just got it turned in the right direction again, and everything went back to normal.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s something I think my sister and I will remember for a long time.

Right now we are moving our guinea hens outside!  Their permanent home is not ready yet, but we have to get them outdoors, so my dad has constructed a more makeshift home that we are setting up as I type.  We will move them in a few minutes and cross our fingers that they take to the great outdoors instead of running from it…..we’ll find out. 

Tonight I am looking forward to some our own chicken grilled by my father and a repeat of Clue the movie.  My sister and I saw it on Thursday and could not stop laughing!  It’s just up our alley of humor and now we are making our father sit down to see it too.  Off to be a farmer again, I’ll write again soon!