After a relatively late Friday night out (late for me anyways…..yeah, I’m anti-social, have no such thing as a “party on!” button, and my idea of fun is usually defined by what book choices I have available), I slept in and then headed out with my best friend to my uncle’s house to water his plants.  After we figured out how to all the different and complicated ways someone can set up a hose system (believe me, there are many), we changed into our swimsuits and enjoyed probably one of the last water days of the summer.  Lake Bomoseen was actually quite pleasant and the sun was out, meaning good floating and tanning time….well, for one of us at least 🙂  We spent most of the day on the water, playing with the neighbors dogs, and just catching up on a summer’s worth of missed opportunities to see each other.  It was a b-e-a-utiful way to spend one of my last free Saturdays! 

On my way home I stopped by my dad’s job and helped him move his car….it had died the evening before and he had made my sister come pick him up (really, this is quite a regular occurrence with my family and if you knew the track record for our vehicles, you would not be surprised).  The rest of the evening was spent reading (see, that’s my idea of a fun night!) and then hit the sack early.  Not too shabby for  my kind of weekends.