Today was awesome!  I love Tuesday’s at EQX!  It’s the beginning of the week, so everyone is excited, plus there is always so much to do!  Today, someone brought in donuts for all of us, plus  we had an extra long production music meeting this morning.  It was such a blast the staff was in even rarer form then usual – we couldn’t stop laughing at times and we all wished we could record the morning meetings for others to hear.  We actually talked about how fun it would be to record our morning meetings in the studio and put them on the air for our listeners to hear the commentary we have for the new songs that come EQX’s way.  It’s an idea that maybe someday will take shape.  I did some work on a community calendar event for Manchester’s “Casting for Recovery” organization.  Manchester’s very own national nonprofit, Casting for Recovery, which started as a little grassroots organization right here in Manchester in 1996, is competing in the Pepsi Refresh contest for $250,000 this month.  CFR supports those who have breast cancer and those who have beat the disease through a program that combines fly fishing, counseling and medical information by offering retreats to survivors at locations across the country at no cost.  Visit their website for more information and vote for them please! 

I also had to take all the available information and turn it into a PSA to be read on air.  I love doing things like this because it is a good cause that I am helping to advocate for in the Manchester community through my work at EQX, plus it’s good experience and practice for my writing skills. 

It is one thing to write a paper and turn it in  – it is completely another when you have to take a packet full of information, research an event, find out all you can about it, and then condense all that information into a succinct paragraph to be read out loud on the air.  I enjoy putting my writing skills to the test in order to produce a finished product in a short amount of time that can create an immediate action – this is something that I am most proud of accomplishing through EQX. 

 I’m excited about New Politics in Albany on Friday and I have also been asked if I would be willing to help out next Saturday at an all day event at the Wilton mall in Saratoga where Deluka will be headlining.  I’m so glad I was wrong in thinking that August would be slow and boring because of a lack of concerts and events! 

Today was  especially exciting because we are starting up a Brew School program every Friday morning, going through the A’s, B’s, and C’s of beer.  It’s neat because we had two different local brewers come into the studio today to talk about their beer, what makes it special, how it’s made, and where you can get it. It was fun to hear their stories and have them talk openly about how much they love EQX.  It was also interesting because a brewer from the Stone Brewing Company wants to work with EQX to bring free shows to local communities and donate all their proceeds from the event to non-profit organizations.  EQX was on board with this idea and I think in the very near future EQX will be hosting free shows in cooperation with local brewing companies in order to help local organizations!  I stayed an hour over my normal shift so I could listen to the conversation and enjoyed every minute of it.  It was fun and interesting to see a community collaboration at work between two small businesses in an effort to help out those in need.  I am even more thrilled about working for the real alternative (if that’s even possible) and I can’t wait for Friday!

Song of The Day:  “Internet Killed the Video Star” by The Limousines

………it’s just plain freakin’ awesome – ’nuff said.  We listened to this in our music meeting at EQX, but it’s just not really our thing.  However, I think it’s hilarious and totally catchy, plus the music video of kids surrounded by zombies is pretty intense and cool.  The lyrics are actually pretty good as well – it takes you a minute to get past the poppy sound and the play on an old song favorite (“Video Killed The Radio Star”), but once you’ve succeeded, they are actually quite meaningful and potent to the message of today’s society – like the now classic song this newer version is based on, it tells the tale of the death of one era and the coming of another.  The internet has changed the way we interact with each other just as video did that for a generation raised in radio.  I think it is only fitting that we have an updated plea to the masses before the technologies of today abolish those of yesterday.  I wonder what the next episode of this song will be……”nanobots killed the internet stars”?  I’m pretty curious about this actually – I’d love to hear some ideas on this to bring up in my communications classes this fall – any ideas?