My Monday morning began at 7 a.m, as I struggled to hop into my worn out jeans and crappy t-shirt before heading into my backyard for some hard-time labor.  Today we were pouring the cement foundation for our guinea hen coop.   It’s pretty stifling today, so it made the work a little harder, but we managed to get it done pretty fast.  More of our peaches are ready for picking, which means we have to think up some more dessert ideas before they all go bad 🙂

Next, we all took showers (Gary said the mortar dust wouldn’t kill us…”just look at me, I’m fine!’….yeah, if I cough up a lung in a few years, you’ll know why) and started getting ready for a barbecue at friends with friends!  unfortunately, it kept raining off and on and of course the rain didn’t actually cool anything off – in fact, I think it made the humidity worse, while at the same time looking like a day in the middle of winter because it was so dreary and ugly.  Ah, what can you do?  At least it wasn’t snowing 🙂

We had hamburgers, hot-dogs, potato salad, peach upside down cake, chocolate chip squash cookies (I mocked them too, but man were they amazing, seriously!), and S’more’s via a very damp and small camp fire down by lake Bomoseen.  We did not get home until 10, but it was so much fun just sitting around eating good food in even better company, while enjoying great stories!  I know I’m going to pay for it tomorrow, but it was well worth it! 

By the by, I thought I would bring up something that annoys me (why not, right?):  It’s the problem with cancelled sci-fi shows.  I know I am not the only one that finds this incredibly trying.  Sci-fi (I don’t apologize for not using the modern spelling version, I liked the old one so much better) has cancelled so many amazing shows over the years with no real good reason for it.  Here are some of the greatest shows I have seen go down the commercial television drain pipe:

Firefly (obviously one of the best ones out there – at least they made a fantastic and totally epic movie out of the series)

Jake 2.0 (loved this show…at least the star of the show, Christopher Gorham, is now on USA’s Covert Affairs as Auggie Anderson, which isn’t a terrible show, but has potential to be so much more)

John Doe

New Amsterdam (one I’m currently enthralled with and has a  fantastic soundtrack!)

The Dresden Files

And I know there are a lot more.  What’s annoying is that I get hooked on these great shows, only to find out they only made eight of them before it was cancelled, leaving me completely in the dark as to where the show was headed and how it was supposed to end.  What’s even worse is that sci-fi still plays the re-runs of those sad and lonely few episodes over and over again, making me even more frustrated that there is no ending for any of them!  *sigh* Anyways, just something I felt like venting about.  Onwards and hopefully upwards!