Yup, Thursday was one of those days 🙂  Well, really it was good for the most part.  I was back working my regular schedule at EQX, which has become a large part of my life. 

Thursday was kind of a rainy and dreary day working at EQX, but I’m starting to get back into the swing of things.  g to do!  Thursday’s can be a pleasant break from Tuesday’s because they are usually less busy and not as set as far as specific assignments – my routine is given some flexibility and it’s a nice way to keep testing the limits of my comfort zone.  For example, I was calling ticket winners and checking their EQX account information to make sure they had all received their prizes, as well as picking some new drawing winners for upcoming giveaways, which was really a lot of fun.  There was also some MAJOR CD organizing waiting for me to handle that had been stacking up for a while.  It was actually quite nice and made me feel as though I was getting my hands a little deeper into my work, as well as feeling a little more trust from the crew towards my internship abilities and responsibilities.  All in all, never a dull moment, something I am extremely grateful in my internship! 

Also, I was asked if I would be willing to forfeit my normal work day next Thursday for another day helping out at an event in Albany.  Valentine’s is presenting New Politics, as well as three other bands for a night of local music starting at 7:30.  The show is 18+ and free.  It should be fun and I can’t wait!   

SO, besides things being wonderful at EQX, I was also a little distracted because…well, family does that.  You see, my uncle is coming this weekend to visit and help my dad out with some farm chores that we could really use an extra hand with.  It was my job today to get some food shopping done, so on my way home from work I stopped at our local discount store. I ordered lunch meat at the deli in the back, did my normal shopping, checked out, and made it all the way home before realizing I had forgotten something – the deli meat was still sitting on the counter at the discount store.  *sigh* so I trudged my way back into town and luckily it was still there waiting for me.  Thank goodness that was the last errand of my day.  It’s going to be a busy weekend, but I’m ready to enjoy some physical labor in the last days of my summer.   

Song of The Day:  “Something Beautiful” by Need To Breathe

I love this song, the lyrics, and the music video!  It isn’t often that I am agreement with all three of these categories, but I truly love everything about this song and the group that sings it.  I love the music video for a couple of reasons – one, it fits so well with the lyrics.  Two, it’s simple, yet incredibly effective.  Three, part of the video is using fan made videos of people lip-syncing the lyrics to the actual song, while the other half has a very home-video feel.  The personal-seeming tapes not only fit with the lyrics, but they effectively convey the simplicity of what can constitute as “something beautiful”.  A sunset, beautiful view, new-born child, an old couple, family gatherings, and friendship.  Fourth, it’s nice to see that this incredible video was actually made by the band members themselves.  How cool is that?!?  I knew I had something beautiful to offer all you great people today 🙂  Dwell on a wonderful thing if you have to dwell folks….