Friday:  ah, Friday.  Friday was….exhausting in a word.  I spent the entire day cleaning like a bat out-a-hell.  Our house is a mess……maybe not as bad as some, but cleaning is…well, one of those things we reserve for mostly when company is coming.  SO, on this lovely day, I got down and (literally) dirty getting the house ready for my uncle.  My great-grandfather loved to carve pictures and sayings – one of his favorites was this one: 

 “Although you’ll find our house a mess, come in, sit down, converse

it doesn’t always look like this

some days it’s even worse”

Saturday:  My uncle had arrived late the night before and it was nice to catch up with each other in the morning.  I was enjoying some nice down time (finished The Host by Stephenie Myers – not bad actually!) while my father and uncle planned their time together. 

Sunday:  Today we managed to get our butts in gear and get some things accomplished.  The first thing we did was try


 and start the infamous bread truck.  Now, I can’t really explain how important this vehicle is to my family, but I can try.  It’s a 1964 for one thing, so it’s been special ever since it made it through the 80’s.  My parents bought it in their younger years as a transport vehicle for antiques, while doubling for a motel-on-the-go –  after a few modifications of course.  They put in a dresser, a bed that pulls down from the roof, a flip out table, and old car seats to make room for my sister and I when we came along.  This

Our history in a bread truck

wasn’t just a vehicle – it was a home for us for six or so months out of the year, a member of  our family.  It kept us dry, warm, and relatively happy (if not deaf and sometimes stranded on the side of the road….come on, it’s a sixty-four!) while we made our living.  Unfortunately, our antique show years came to a close not too long ago and our beloved home away from home has been housing chipmunks in our backyard. 

Today, we turned over the engine for the first time in three years.  Naturally, it didn’t start…..BUT after a few more attempts and some tweaking, we got it running like old times!  It actually sounded better than my sisters truck….which is sad really, but also

Part of the family

 not saying too much.  It has now moved to the front of our yard and will remain there for a while, until I guess we can sell it (anyone interested?!?!).  It will be a very sad day when we have to part ways with it, but antique shows just aren’t a part of our lives anymore and it’s just slowly rotting away without use – not how we want it to be.  Anyways, for now it’s still around.

Next, we got rid of an old cherry tree that has been needing to vacate our backyard for a while:

It was a slightly more eventful day than normal and now that my muscles  are protesting and my bones ache, I’m ready to call it a day.  Especially since tomorrow we are pouring a cement floor for our guinea hens and then heading over to friend’s house for a barbeque!  It’s going to be another busy but awesome day, I can feel it. 

The family farm tractor


A lifetime of memories...