Monday morning started early – way too early for my taste, but I was also too eager for the day ahead to sleep.  Bright and early we loaded up our friends boat and headed off to Lake George for a fun day out on the water!  

My sister and I at Lake George in Saratoga, NY!


We arrived around ten and got the boat in the water.  It was a beautiful day!  We had the wind in our faces and saw the best tour of Lake George, walked downtown and in 

Riding the waves!


 all the shops, ate lunch and got ice cream, did some tanning, swam with the ducks, and finally had to leave because it was getting dark.  It was probably the most boating fun I have had in my life, with the best people ever!  It’s a day I will cherish and I hope I get a  chance to do it again next year.  

Our jug band that failed epically: