It was my first day being back at EQX – and boy, did I miss it!!

My first day back on the job was a blast!  I am so glad to be working again at EQX- I can’t believe I missed it this much (leaving permanently is going to be tough)!  It’s great to be back.  I can’t wait for Thursday!     

Song of The Day:   “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and The Machine

We were actually thinking of adding this song to our playlist at EQX and we still might in the future.  I believe it’s a song about escape, and how sometimes the thought of happiness through love is maybe what holds us back.  I say I believe this could be the meaning, or maybe something to do with feminism, but really, I don’t have clue.  The lyrics and the music video make it difficult to take seriously (the blue girls are interesting), but on the other hand, it’s nice because it’s so different.  I guess we all just need to make our opinions 🙂