Saturday felt more like my real birthday!  My sister, my best friend, and I spent eight shopping….in Rut-vegas!! I know, amazing really – we were quite bored in our defense and I needed school supplies, as well as new school clothes. 

I am one of the cheapest girls you’ll ever meet – let me explain that one.  You see, it’s really my parents fault – they taught me a little to well how far you could stretch the value of a dollar.  Years of antique dealing made my sister and I realize that you can always find what you want cheaper with a little bargaining.  For me, it’s been a pretty damaging experience.  Although I’ve found some good deals in my time and my family lives pretty well off a meager living, it’s made me a little fanatical about spending money.  Clothes are unfortunately the worst.  I have so much trouble spending money on clothes, which is why I love hand-me-downs and my wardrobe is a patchwork of “that was fashionable in the 80’s” malfunctions.

Anyways, my sister and my best friend decided it was time to stave an intervention and forced me to buy some new garb – which I resisted until I realized that maybe I did deserve to splurge a little on myself – happy birthday to me! 

We also spent a good deal of time hanging at FYE (For Your Entertainment).  One of the few cheap and fun places to shop in Rutland – inexpensive movies and boy do they have everything.  Our fortunes included:

Muppets in Manhatten (come on, how awesome were the muppets!??!?!)

My Fellow Americans (a great comedy starring Jack Lemmon, James Garner, and Dan Aykryod)

The Bank Job and Crank 1 and 2 (I’m going to have a Jason Stathem Marathon weekend soon…)

Run Fatboy Run (it looked like a good british comedy, we’ll see)

Clue (Love the game, we’ll see about the movie)

and Johnny English (which looks stupid, but possibly funny).

We watched Muppets in Manhatten that night and spent most of Sunday tooling around trying to get some farm/school stuff done before our big day on Lake George.  Not a bad weekend, but I’m looking more towards this week – join me?