We packed everything up (including the poodle) and made sure the beach house was all set before heading back to Little Ferry, New Jersey.  We made it in good time, about three hours, and helped our nana get all of her stuff unloaded.  My uncle had gotten his pool all cleaned out and needed my dad’s help lifting in the stairs.  It felt nice to dip our feet into the water and just relax by the pool for a while.  After that we were homeward bound, stopping only long enough to pick up some McDonald’s to stave off our growling tummies. 

The house is still standing (which is good) and so are all of our guinea hens, cats, and dogs J Now, we are just settling back in and making sure the rest of our life that we left on hold for a week is still intact.  It’s nice to be home again, if not a little down trodden to have left all the sun and sand behind.  It was so much easier to enjoy my summer while I was away, but I guess that’s the whole point of a vacation.  Now, it’s back to reality, which isn’t grim, but isn’t smelling like roses either.  Even with being thrown back into my duty driven lifestyle, I am determined to not let the rest of summer pass without incident.  A toast to summer ever after!!