Another early morning, followed by a trip into town to buy vegetables at the local farmers market.  Chestertown’s farmers market is small, yet inviting and a nice relief from the hot weather.  Jewelry, all different kinds of breads, and many different varieties of vegetables surrounded us as we picked out the ingredients we needed for this afternoon’s family lunch. 

My dad and uncle went to pick up my grandmother from her assisted living home so she could be with all of us for the day.  My sister, aunt and I began preparing our feast of a lunch while my grandma enjoyed some snacks and time with her sons in the front room.  It was good to see everyone again and relax with family. 

Puzzle me this, grandma....

We had brought my aunt a new puzzle (it’s one of her favorite hobbies and we always have to start a puzzle when we come down to visit) and began putting it together in the living room in between bouts of stuffing ourselves.  For dinner, we had chicken, steak, and veggies from the grill, salad, garlic bread, and for desert peach cobbler and an oreo cake we brought from the Jersey Shore bakery.  We were really disappointed in the cake unfortunately (we think it must have been on the shelf for too long), but everything else was good. 

Significantly stuffed, we whittled the evening away with more puzzling, reading, and talking.  I have a new stack of books from my cousin to read as well (I’m looking at about sixty new books that I’m still going to try to read this summer….better get started, huh?). 

 Tomorrow we leave for the beach again to spend one last day there before heading home.  My vacation is almost over and it’s sad, but I know I still have a lot to look forward to this summer.