Take the bread, leave the fingers please...

We left our family in Maryland for the Jersey Shore again at around 8 AM and arrived at our Nana’s beach house by 11. 

Swans in the lagoon

We unloaded our car again and pretty much soaked in the last of our beach day as much as we could.  My sister and I enjoyed some more rays while watching the swans and their babies swim in the lagoon.  We read, relaxed, and then

 walked down to the beach.  We weren’t going to stay that long, just wet our feet and walk a little, but then we found what we are always looking for at the beach – sea glass!!  My sister and I were so excited!  We found two white pieces, two red, one blue and one green.  For us, nothing could have made us happier or the evening any more special. 

It made it a little harder to leave for home, but we are starting to feel vacationed out, so I think it will be good to be in our own beds tomorrow night.  Here’s hopin’ the house is still upright!