Well, so far my day has been accident and fight free, which is good 🙂 

Ducks, books, and sun oh my!

I woke up to the sound of the water lapping in the lagoon at 7 this morning and instead of going back to bed like yesterday, I snuck onto the porch and finished my Dan Brown novel.  Frankly, I am becoming less and less impressed with each of his new books.  Deception Point, Angels & Demons, and The Davinci Code were amazing and are coming to you highly recommended, but Lost Symbol and Digital Fortress, his latest novels,  lacked the ease and finesse he usually exerts through is writing.  His style is becoming predictable, while at the same time I can tell he is striving to step outside of his comfort zone, which has the opposite effect of potential.  It’s disappointing when an author, plagued by the blinding lights of success, shifts his usual apathy for words to suit a wider audience, only to fail by not continuing on the path he knows best. 

Pushing on to another book has led me to take up the classic Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.  I found it at one of the book sales this past weekend and decided it was about time I indulged myself in a beloved iconic novel.  I admit my homeschooling life let some things to be desired in getting my fill of novel classics, but really, do you remember anything besides being forced to read them for book reports?  I didn’t think so.  I decided why not read a few of them on my own, so I would know what I was missing – which in a lot of cases was not much.  I read Lord of The Flies a while back and had nightmares for a week *shudders*. 

Once everyone was up we sat down for breakfast and wondered about the day.  It was sprinkling off and on so the park was out.  Instead, we sat out on the lawn chairs again and kept reading, plus we had more crabbing to do.  We made some trips to the bakery, as well as doing some “for-fun” shopping to kill time.  Unfortunately, everybody else had the same idea.  My uncle arrived, much to the pleasure of Sarah the poodle, his most loyal companion.  Next, we ordered fried seafood again, ate way too much, and then went for a little sight-seeing tour of all the rich folks houses.  All in all, a completely vacation-grade day. 

My thoughts are returning to home, wondering how our not-so-baby chicks are doing.  I’m almost done with Pride & Prejudice, but I won’t put in my two cents until I’m finished.  That’s all for now.