To take a line from one of the greatest car songs ever, life is a highway.  The road is long, full of accidents and foul language, speed bumps, and we are often consumed by our rush to reach a destination, not to enjoy the journey.  But, the road is also a place where the miles make the memories lay out before us, the differences and grievances fall behind us, and the daily rush and grind of life is exchanged for the joy of the scenery.  

Up at seven, gone by 8:30, we have a four-hour drive ahead of us.  It’s nicely broken up this time – usually we have an eight-hour drive there and back.  Here we sit in our car, on our way to NJ.  The front seat, occupied by my father and sister, is alive with chatter.  The conservation?  Reminiscing about times past on the road.  

This is the direction conversation usually takes with us because it’s where our happiest memories lie.  Right now, dad is describing how my sister made her first dollar at an antique show by selling one of her drawings.  I want to save these memories – they are some of the most important memories of my young life and I don’t want them to fade away when Alzheimer’s sets in.  The feeling is almost indescribable – my life has made me grow up a  lot faster than I would have liked at times, but if I wasn’t allowed to have the responsibilities I did at such a young age, I never would have made the memories I have now.  

It’s raining now on the New York throughway and we are off to a slow start, but I don’t mind.  

We arrived in Little Ferry, New Jersey to help our great-aunt move down for a week to her home at the shore.  We loaded her and her mini 



poodle (who’s blind by the way) into the car and turned it towards the ocean.  We made it in record time and got 

My early birthday present!


everything set up.  Sarah (the poodle) was happy to be at the water again and I was thrilled to try out my new bike.  We were starving, so we ordered pizza from the local Italian restaurant.  Then we all headed out to the clubhouse where we walked on the beach, digging our toes into the sand and feeling the bath water warmth of the ocean wash up to our ankles.  It was a pleasant hour of relaxation that really made us feel like our vacation had started.  We’ll be sticking around for a few days before heading to Maryland to see other family members.  Ah, finally, a deep breath.  

The view from my Nana's beach house!All set at the beach house!All set at the beach house!


All set at the beach house!