I woke up at seven again this morning, but after a late night, I forced myself to go back to sleep for another hour.  Everyone else had the same idea, so we all enjoyed a restful late-waking.  Without much preamble, as the day closely followed the patter of the one before it, I hunkered down to finish Pride & Prejudice while listening to the rain, checking crab traps, attempting to tan, and spending time with family.  I rather enjoyed Pride & Prejudice, if it was a little slow at times, but on a whole, completely worth my time.  I wished there had actually been more attention paid to the lead characters at the end, but it was also pleasing how simply, yet elegantly Austen was able to express so much of a “violent love.”  It is not a classic that I will be burning or losing sleep over and for this I am glad.  I also began and finished an Agatha Christie (Miss Marple series) mystery, which as usual, had me guessing until the very last page.  Now I’m back to sci-fi with a book about when your toaster grows a conscience – Alan Dean Foster’s CodgerspaceSo far, it’s quite funny.  Thank god I brought as many books as I did!

We also hit a sidewalk sale in town in between the raindrops, which is becoming a summer tradition. 

Unfortunately, all the peace and quite has got me contemplating things of home which I would rather not entertain at the moment, but I am determined not to let it intrude on my vacation time. 

Fortune cookie from a fine Chinese food meal!