Yes, today is the day I have been waiting months for – the true start really of my summer vacation.  The morning began at 7 AM, as my sister and father went of to the local bakery to purchase the worlds best crumb-buns while my nana and I set the breakfast table and walked the dog.  After breakfast I took my new bike for a pin to the clubhouse to pick up our beach badges (if you were unaware, beach badges are purchased by the local property others and must have on in order to on the beach).  Unfortunately, we hit a snare – apparently, everyone needed to pass a weed inspection (yeah, you read that right) before being issued their badges.  So, we finally got someone around to inspect the non-existent weeds so we could get the badges – however, the clubhouse had closed until 4 pm.  On a happier note though, something great did come of this – another first I can check off my list!  For the first time in my life, I flagged down an ice cream truck and bought myself a (very expensive) strawberry ice pop.  Yup, it sounds silly, but to me, it was the best ice pop I’ve ever had and I have another great memory to cherish. 

Crabbing at the beach!

Yeah, so anyways we came back to our beach house to enjoy the sun, ocean breeze, and total lack of accomplishing anything.  Dad found some bacon in the freezer and baited a couple of crab traps.  Vacation at the beach house is not official until some crab traps are dangled off the pier.  Luckily, they were in the mood for biting, just like us.  Some of my fondest NJ beach memories are of my Pop-pop and I crabbing together (RIP Pop-pop, I love you and miss you dearly).  Unfortunately, my dad got a little crab-happy with the traps and swung one of the large wire cages into my leg.  Therein followed a mad dash for the house to stop the bleeding, talk my dad down from the “Oh my God, are you going to die?!?”

My crab war wounds

 ledge, and gritting through the pain of pouring rubbing alcohol onto the wound, as we couldn’t find any peroxide.  Now I have four deep lines in my left leg that looks like I had a giant tabby cat take a chunk out of me.  Ah, the war wounds of crabbing.

I’ve read almost an entire book before we went to pick up lunch meat and then headed over to get a tour of a neighbor’s house, as well as picking up our beach badges.  So we get to the clubhouse and guess what?  Can’t get our beach badges until the next day.  Well, that didn’t sit well with my father (he’s not the violent type, but when he reaches a limit, look out).  Luckily, no blood was spilled and we finally got our badges.  It was too late to go to the beach though, but we were satisfied with being lazy on the lawn chairs by the lagoon.  We caught some more crabs and boiled them for tomorrow – they are so small that we’ll need quite a few of them before we can get a decent bite.  As my father began plunking them into the boiling water, one made a daring escape from the doom and hid under the oven.  It was the funniest thing I’d ever seen, as my dad desperately tried to fish him out with first a broom and then a fishing rod.  We finally got him out and decided that he should be rewarded for his efforts – we gave him his freedom. 


Next, we picked up some amazing fried seafood for dinner from Ortley’s fish market for dinner and speculated about the day to come.  We were going the Island Beach State Park, which is just beautiful and almost deserted, but 80% chance of rain may have washed out our plans, so we’ll see.  Either way, it will be a great tomorrow.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a book to finish – Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress‘Nite folks!