Yes, it’s been a little quit on my end this week, as most of my time has been spent packing and dealing with some internship issues.  So, here’s the short version:


A day without purpose….yup, that’s about it 🙂


Uh, not much to tell – made some lists for the trip, responded to some emails, started the cleaning house process. 


Ah, Thursday – translation: not close enough to the weekend, yet close enough to realize that I hadn’t accomplished nearly as much as I needed to.  So, in a feeble attempt to catch up with the approaching weekend, I began the laborious task of packing.  Hey, don’t judge me – I’m female, so naturally it’s a difficult process.


Friday we awoke extra early, excitement pumping through our veins for this long-awaited day – what is it, you may ask?  Granville’s giant book sale!  There is pretty much nothing my sister and I love more than books.  With parents as antique dealers and always being on the road or bored at a craft show, our noses were always in a book.  It was the greatest adventure we could have as kids on the road, living out the fantasies of others between the pages of a book.  Yes, if anyone saw how many books we currently own, they would probably tell us we don’t need any more, in fact the floor could use a break from the strain of holding up our bookcase.  But, unsurprisingly, we have read most of them and have gotten rid of quite a few, plus it makes us really happy.  So, we went and came back victorious – three bags of books for $10.  Not bad.  Alas, once the fun was over, it was off to Rutland for some last-minute shopping.  I hate shopping (shocking I know) and I hate shoe-shopping a lot (every woman reading this is probably cringing by now).   The only thing I hate shopping for more than shoes though is swimsuits and unfortunately that was my task.  Coupled with my hate for flushing out a suitable, uh, suit is my dislike for little to no options – it being too late in the season, it was slim to none pickings.  Now, I am equipped with a hot pink *shudders* sports suit that covers up a lot more than any of the others would have.  After that I was pretty much spent, but I actually find a pair of pants and shorts as well – you have no idea how big a deal that is.  We bought some sunscreen and called it quits – we still had to mow the lawn and start cleaning/packing.


We were up early again – Wells was having their book sale.  Wells is the best book sale we have ever been too and we attend every year.  Unfortunately, it had rained and their rain date was for Sunday – when we would already be halfway to New Jersey.  To make up for the immense pain of missing Wells, we hit Granville again – they had switched it to $1 a bag.  This is what my sister and I live for.  We each picked up a bag and threw ourselves into the crowd (we’re no t the only book lovers around here – in fact, some are worse).  It’s dangerous business you know – people elbowing through to get to a book that caught their eye.  Anyways, now I’m caught up with the week and the vacation can begin!  I won’t be at a computer (thank god) for most of the vacation, so my posts will be put on all at once later on –  my apologies!