After enjoying four glorious days of absolutely perfect weather and fun, I am not one bit sad that my computer remained uncharacteristically silent.

A Little backtracking is in order and this I do apologize for – between the holiday weekend and the fantastic summer weather, the blog has yet again escaped my area of patience.  However, these past few days are definitely worth mentioning.

 My exceptional, but epicly long day started at 6 Am as I arose and packed to leave my house for Albany by 7.  I felt like I was the only one on the road, which was nice, but also boring with a two-hour drive.  I made it in good time and was there by 8:45, fifteen minutes earlier then I was supposed to be.  Everybody else working for or associated with EQX was already there, so unfortunately my efforts were in vain because we already had too many hands to help. 

 It was pretty slow because I had nothing to do and the event didn’t start until noon, but it allowed me the time to

Locksley setting up backstage!

 explore a little and get a feel for the area.  Soon the bands started arriving and I was able to help them unload, figure out where to park, get them their VIP passes, and introduce them to the crew.  We got the EQX booth completely set up and the bands all set backstage before I was asked to head over to the Merchandise booth and help them set up.  The general manager of Jillian’s had purchased hundreds of “Pearl Palooza” T-shirts to sell and Rusted Root had five different T-shirt designs and three different CD’s to sell.  Also, Locksley and Civil Twilight had their own merchandise.  It was a difficult task to get everything set up as the heat didn’t help and I was pretty much on my own for a while.   

Once the tent and merchandise was set up, I remained there for over twelve hours without sitting down, eating, relieving myself (sorry for being so blunt).  I was able to take pictures rather well from the booth and because the event was small enough I was able to get my picture taken with some of the bands and get their autographs as well!  It was a long day and extremely

Locksley at Pearl Palooza!

hot, but it was also a blast and I am so happy to have been there!  I left at seven for home

Me with Civil Twilight!

 with a signed T-shirt, an extra for my dad, a free tote bag and my VIP pass, and enough pictures and memories to last a lifetime!  I’m going to miss working for EQX quite a bit for the next two weeks while I am on vacation, but the break will be nice as well!  We finally found a good house sitter for while we are gone to take care of our animals and we’ve started packing. 

Working for EQX has been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back!

Me with lead singer of We Are Scientists Rusted Root performing at Pearl Palooza


Rusted Root performing at Pearl Palooza